Toxicology of Chemically Modified Graphene-Based Materials for Medical Application

Toktam Nezakati, Brain G. Cousins, Alexander M. Seifalian Graphene-based nanomaterials have great potential for large number of future technologies ranging from bio- technological and biomedical applications including, drug delivery, PTT, and cancer targeting and therapy. GO is considered more biocompatible than graphene due to its greater solubility/dispersibility, which results in less damage and toxicity in […]

Case Studies on Chronic (Long Term) Toxicity of Non-Degradable Nanomaterials

Jun Kanno This series of studies aimed at feeding back the chronic toxicity information to the developers of nano-products before they are massively produced and consumed, or in other words, before they are exposed to the public in an uncontrollable fashion. Based on such information, the developers/ manufactures can produce safer product to foster the […]

Graphene and Graphene Oxide as Nanomaterials for Medicine and Biology Application

Subhashree Priyadarsini et al. Graphene- and graphene oxide-based nanomaterials have gained broad interests in research because of their unique physiochemical properties. The 2D allotropic structure allows it to be used in various biological fields. The biomedical applications of graphene and its composite include its use in gene and small molecular drug delivery. It is further […]