Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation on the Nervous System

white and black modem router with four lights

EWG Wireless devices like cell phones, tablets and Wi-Fi routers and many other types of communications equipment give off radiofrequency radiation, a type of electromagnetic wave. Radiofrequency radiation is absorbed by the body – more in parts with higher salt and water content. Children have a thinner bone structure, thinner skin and higher tissue conductivity. […]

Fetal Flouride Intake Levels Exceed Safety Thresholds

pregnancyandfluoridedonotmix.com Most fluoride intake is from fluoridated tap water, which pregnant women are told to drink throughout the day. When a pregnant woman consumes fluoride, so does her baby. This means for babies in the months before birth, their daily AI of fluoride (0.049 mg/kg/day) is 35 times higher than it is for babies in the months after […]