Ultrasounds – Ultra Safe or Ultra Damaging?

Expectant Mother holding a 2D Fetal Ultrasound

Tiffany C. Brawn Human embryos may be especially vulnerable to Thermally Induced Teratogenesis, or hyperthermia (overheating). Potentially significant side-effects could occur in highly sensitive neural tissue, cerebral vessels, and in fetal bone in the second and third trimester. Non-thermal effects, including non-ionizing radiation, are indicated by the mechanical index. … Unfortunately, many of the doctors […]

Prenatal Ultrasound – Not So Sound After All

Children’s Health Defense Team Prenatal ultrasound is a taken-for-granted component of modern maternity care, to such an extent that most obstetrician-gynecologists find it impossible to practice their profession without it … Despite the absence of demonstrated bene ts, there is also a trend toward “new applications of ultrasound…at earlier stages in pregnancy” … including Doppler […]

Prenatal Care, American Style – A Trojan Horse for Harmful Interventions?

woman holding her belly while wearing blue knit sweater

Children’s Health Defense Team he United States’ disgraceful infant and maternal mortality rates — higher than in any other wealthy nation — raise questions about what to do to lessen the risk of complications during delivery and postpartum. In this regard, government health agencies often highlight the importance of prenatal care. In fact, increasing “early and adequate prenatal […]