Fukushima Fallout – Some Radio-Protective Nutrients and Homeopathic Remedies

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Alan V. Schmukler There are numerous substances which are rumored to offer protection against radiation. However, in a situation like this, rumor is not sufficient. Therefore, you will find below a list of substances whose efficacy is backed by at least some research. This is not an exhaustive list, but it will get you in the ballpark. You may […]

National Stockpiles for Radiological and Nuclear emergencies: Policy Advice

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World Health Organization This document describes protocols and practices for ensuring the essential elements of a national stockpile of medical countermeasures for radiation emergencies, particularly of the pharmaceuticals required to treat radiation injuries. It also addresses governance and management of such stockpiles. It supersedes the 2007 WHO report on development of stockpiles for radiation emergencies. […]

WHO Updates Critical Medicines List for Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies

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World Health Organization The World Health Organization (WHO) today updated its list of medicines that should be stockpiled for radiological and nuclear emergencies, along with policy advice for their appropriate management. These stockpiles include medicines that either prevent or reduce exposure to radiation, or treat injuries once exposure has occurred. “In radiation emergencies, people may […]

Nuclear Energy and Society, Radiation and Life – the Evidence

Wade Allison The most effective source of carbon-free energy available on a large scale is nuclear and thiswould be accepted but for the general view that it is particularly dangerous. The scientificevidence does not support this long-held apprehension. Why has this contradiction persistedfor so long and why is nuclear power apparently so expensive? The evidence […]