Effect of Health-Promoting Agents on Exclusion-Zone Size

Abha Sharma et al. It is now well-confirmed that hydrophilic surfaces including those within the cell generate structural changes in water. This interfacial water is ordered and acquires features different from the bulk. Amongst those features is the exclusion of colloidal and molecular solutes from extensive regions next to the hydrophilic surface, thereby earning it […]

Nutraceutical Approach to Preventing Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Related Complications

Ripe fresh fruits on beige surface

Giuseppe Derosa et al. This review will describe how the use of selected nutraceuticals could be helpful, in addition to pharmacological therapy, in preventing some COVID-19- related complications in infected patients. Even if a specific and effective cure for COVID-19 still has some way to go, selected nutraceuticals could be helpful, in addition to pharmacological […]

Immunoceuticals: Harnessing Their Immunomodulatory Potential to Promote Health and Wellness

Ginkgo Leaves and Glass Containers with Powder

Sophie Tieu et al. Knowledge that certain nutraceuticals can modulate the immune system is not new. These naturally occurring compounds are known as immunoceuticals, which is a novel term that refers to products and systems that naturally improve an individual’s immuno-competence. Examples of immunoceuticals include vitamin D3, mushroom glycans, flavonols, quercetin, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, […]