Coatings on Fresh Produce and the 2023 Apeel Controversy, Edible Films: Extending Shelf-Life and Preserving an Appealing Appearance

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OrganicEye (White Paper) The FDA has created groups of specific related foods for the purpose of establishing acceptable tolerances and/or to set limitations for the use of direct human food ingredients. Waxes and coatings fall under the category of surface-finishing agents. These are “…substances used to increase palatability, preserve gloss, and inhibit discoloration of foods, […]

Uproar Over ‘Apeel’ Food Coating Sheds light on Big Ag’s Capture of Organic Food Agencies

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Brenda Baletti Agribusiness watchdog OrganicEye this week petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to establish formal regulatory oversight for the public and private organizations that determine what products can be labeled organic. The request comes after a recent social media controversy surrounding a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded synthetic fungicide and fruit coating — […]