Vitamin C and Cortisol: Synergistic Infection and Toxin Defense

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Thomas E. Levy Vitamin C and cortisol are the two most important and most powerful naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agents. The mechanisms of their synergistic action indicate they are literally designed by nature to interact together to optimize the antioxidant impact needed to resolve the disease-causing oxidation that always results from toxins, infections, and stress. As inflammation in a […]

Root Canals, Metal Implants, & Chronic Oxidative Stress

IABDM The problem with root canal therapy is it is a flawed therapy, the intention behind doing it is to be able to fully sterilize a tooth which no longer revives blood supply, nerve supply, lymph drainage or any signs of so called life. Anything that is non-vital is usually energetically a break in the […]

Making Sense of Medicine: Biophotons: The Light of Life

Bob Keller What is a biophoton? When thinking about light, we usually think about light waves. Light waves are a kind of electromagnetic radiation that we can see and that has color, based on how fast the wave is vibrating, its frequency. Lower frequencies are toward the red color, and higher frequencies toward violet. There […]

Redox Biology in Neurological Function, Dysfunction and Aging

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Rodrigo Franco and Marcelo R. Vargas Reduction oxidation (redox) reactions are central to life and when altered, they can promote disease progression. In the brain, redox homeostasis is recognized to be involved in all aspects of central nervous system (CNS) development, function, aging, and disease. Recent studies have uncovered the diverse nature by which redox […]

The Redox Rx: How to Improve Your Redox Potential

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Jack Kruse Water is life’s battery, collagen is the wire that connects the negative and positive charge within the battery, and the sun’s light is the constant energy source for the water battery to recharge. … An environment with a “low redox potential” means electrons have a weak-charged environment.  Non-native EMF is an example of […]

Potential Implications of Quercetin in Autoimmune Diseases

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Pan Shen et al. Autoimmune diseases are a worldwide health problem with growing rates of morbidity, and are characterized by breakdown and dysregulation of the immune system. Although their etiology and pathogenesis remain unclear, the application of dietary supplements is gradually increasing in patients with autoimmune diseases, mainly due to their positive effects, relatively safety, […]