Fundamental Flaws in Pfizer’s COVID-19 Biologics License Application Submission, and the Implications to the Safety and Effectiveness of These Novel Gene Therapy Vaccines

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Philip R. Oldfield and Maria L. Gutschi The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are using gene therapy technology in which the active product, the encoded spike protein, is not actually part of the formulation. Health Canada has used an inappropriate guidance document for the regulatory review, contrary to Good Scientific Practice, effectively compromising the safety of Canadians. […]

Understanding the Pharmacology of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Playing Dice with the Spike?

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Marco Cosentino and Franca Marino Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) mRNA vaccines are the mainstays of mass vaccination campaigns in most Western countries. However, the emergency conditions in which their development took place made it impossible to fully characterize their effects and mechanism of action. Here, we summarize and discuss available evidence indicating that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines […]

The Hypocrisy of Modern Pharmacological Ethics

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Aaron Hertzberg One of the more shocking aspects to the war on effective covid treatments was the insolence of pharmacists and pharmacy boards to reject legally written prescriptions by properly credentialed doctors. To justify pharmacists’ radical usurpation to practice medicine from the actual medical practitioners, pharmacists claimed – comically – that medications such as Hydroxychloroquine […]

Rockefeller Medicine: A Poisonous Illusion?

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Tessa Lena This story is about the famous 1910 Flexner Report that laid the foundations of themodern medical system, dubbed “Rockefeller medicine.” It is also about the fascinatingdynamic that exists between the ego, the plight of a “respectable” scammer, and thetrajectory of the world.