Chemical Recycling Plants: How Toxic Are They?

Styrofoam Container Near a Metal Fence

Environmental Health News … Proponents say that, despite mounting restrictions on single-use packaging, plastics aren’t going away anytime soon, and that chemical recycling is needed to keep growing amounts of plastic waste out of land fills and oceans … chemical recycling — processes that use high heat, chemicals, or both to break used plastic goods […]

The Political Economy of Autism

Toby Rogers Autism is an epidemic and a pandemic by any reasonable definition of those words. … Genetic theories of autism never made much sense because “there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic” — the human genome just does not change that fast.  … In the last decade, three groups of top epidemiologists […]

Masks Are Not Benign

girl in white tank top holding blue and green plastic toy

Pairodocs Masks are an example of the weaponization of the precautionary principle. “If it saves just one life, it is worth it”. “You can’t be too careful”. Neither of these is true. A correct application of the precautionary principle means considering not only the benefits, but also the negative impacts of an intervention.  … Oxygen […]