Nutrition and Neurogenesis

Romain Meeusen Nutrition has a specific role in providing energy and building material for the body. The ability of nutrients to prevent and protect against diseases is starting to be recognized. Physical activity has also been associated with the reduction of a number of physical and mental disorders. Therefore, both nutrition and exercise are used […]

microRNA Are the Real Regulators of Gene Transcription

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Jennifer Depew MicroRNA are non-coding short lengths of nucleotides (19-23 nucleotides) that have regulatory control over whether an mRNA will be transcribed into a protein or degraded by the cell. MicroRNAs affect specific mRNA and their proteins but may be able to affect 100s of them so it is not a simple thing to study […]

Quercetin Health Benefits Include the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease and Certain Cancers

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Joseph Mercola Quercetin has been shown to combat inflammation and acts as a natural antihistamine. Several studies have highlighted quercetin’s ability to prevent and treat both the common cold and influenza. Other, less-known benefits and uses for quercetin include the prevention and/or treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, certain cancers, gout, arthritis […]

Nutraceutical Approach to Preventing Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Related Complications

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Giuseppe Derosa et al. This review will describe how the use of selected nutraceuticals could be helpful, in addition to pharmacological therapy, in preventing some COVID-19- related complications in infected patients. Even if a specific and effective cure for COVID-19 still has some way to go, selected nutraceuticals could be helpful, in addition to pharmacological […]