Do No Harm: Protect Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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Canadian Covid Care Alliance It’s easy to forget that pregnancy is a unique and exquisitely normal phase of health. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may feel overloaded by information and advice. Public messaging repeatedly tells you to get a COVID-19 shot, one of the genetic mRNA products being used as vaccines. What do you […]

Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review

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BNT162b2/Pfizer Of the 673 case reports identified in the search, 458 involved BNT162b2 exposure during pregnancy (mother/fetus) and 215 involved exposure during breast-feeding. … The cases reviewed above are indicative of what is in the Pfizer safety database as of28 February 2021. The sponsor (Pfizer/BioNTech) will continue to monitor and report on all pregnancy exposure […]

Microplastics Could Cross Over from Mother to Fetus, Study Shows

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Suzanne Burdick The authors of a peer-reviewed study showing microplastics passed pregnant rats’ intestinal and placental barriers, leading to impaired fetal development, concluded the same could be true for humans. The study, published in Nanomaterials, is the rst to show that microplastics fed to pregnant mammals can reach fetal tissues. … “It is certainly not […]

Association between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

Rivka Green et al. The potential neurotoxicity associated with exposure to fluoride, which has generated controversy about community water fluoridation, remains unclear. … This prospective, multicenter birth cohort study used information from the Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals cohort. Children were born between 2008 and 2012; 41% lived in communities supplied with fluoridated municipal water. […]

How a Vegetarian Eating Plan Could Affect a Pregnancy

Joseph Mercola Heart & Soil, a company founded by Dr. Paul Saladino to help people return to the way our ancestors ate, produced a 20-minute video discussing the health bene ts of eating an animal-based diet when women are pregnant or want to become pregnant. Returning to the nutritional roots of eating fewer carbohydrates, no […]

Hundreds of ‘Tylenol Lawsuits’ Allege Retailers, Manufacturers Knew Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Could Cause Autism, ADHD

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Michael Nevradakis Hundreds of “Tylenol lawsuits” already have been led against retailers and manufacturers alleging they sold products containing acetaminophen to pregnant women, knowing the medications could harm the developing fetus. The number of lawsuits could soon reach into the thousands, according to an attorney who spoke to The Defender. Attorney W. Mark Lanier described […]