EWG’s Dirty Dozen Food Chemicals: The Top 12 to Avoid

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EWG Our food should be nourishing and safe to eat. But more than 10,000 chemicals are allowed in food sold in the U.S. Some are direct additives, such as preservatives like butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, and butylated hydroxytoluene, or BHT, which are intentionally added to processed food. Others are so-called indirect additives, like heavy metals, […]

Nutrition and Health. The Issue is Not Food, Nor Nutrients, So Much As Processing

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Carlos A. Monteiro Orthodox teaching and practice on nutrition and health almost always focuses on nutrients, or else on foods and drinks. Thus, diets that are high in folate and in green leafy vegetables are recommended, whereas diets high in saturated fat and in full-fat milk and other dairy products are not recommended. Food guides […]

The Menace of Synthetic Foods

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Royal Lee “There is only one test for safety and wholesomeness in food,” Dr. Royal Lee proclaims in this succinct overview of his nutritional philosophy. “That is the test of time. The test of a long history of use, over many generations of life.” Dr. Lee expounds on the ill effects of processed foods, which were pushed […]

A High Periconceptional Maternal Ultra-processed Food Consumption Impairs Embryonic Growth: The Rotterdam Periconceptional Cohort

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Ashley J.P. Smit et al. Periconceptional maternal dietary patterns contribute to embryonic growth and development. No knowledge is available about the impact of periconceptional maternal ultra-processed food consumption on embryonic growth. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to investigate the impact of periconceptional maternal ultra-processed food consumption on embryonic growth using repeated crown-rump […]

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is a Food Industry Lobby Group

Stacy Malkan The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is a corporate-funded nonprofit organization based in Washington DC, with 17 affiliated chapters around the world. ILSI describes itself as a group that conducts “science for the public good” and “improves human health and well-being and safeguards the environment.” However, investigations by academics, journalists and public interest […]