I Don’t Think It’s Myocarditis, I Think It’s Injection-Induced Cardiac Amyloidosis

Jessica Rose Cardiac Amyloidosis or Stiff Heart Syndrome is caused by deposits of abnormal proteins in the heart tissue. This results in the heart ceasing to function properly due to the replacement of normal heart muscle tissue with amyloids. Cardiac Amyloidosis is associated with thick heart walls and large atria. It can affect electrical conductivity […]

An Incredible Paper Was Just Published: It’s Incredible in Terrifying ways

Jessica Rose The bottom line of this incredible work is that there are two amyloidogenic proteins in the Open Reading Frames (ORF) 6 and 10 from SARS-nCoV-2 (the ORF-10 one does not have a homologue in SARS-nCoV – that means it’s unique to SARS-nCoV-2), that form crystalline amyloid structures independently, and together, at room temperature!, […]