It’s Time to Change the Concept of Cancer Treatment: Some New Perspectives

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Christo Damyanov et al. The review of the effectiveness of the reductionist approach in the treatment of oncological diseases shows insignificant progress in the treatment of oncological diseases. This is due to the use of a limited set of treatment methods mainly in the field of biochemistry and ignoring many scientific advances in biology and […]

Bioelectricity, Qi, and the Human Body

Don E. Brown II Generally speaking, when thinking of electricity, we think of it as something external to our human bodies: the naturally occurring lightning and human created technology being two said instances. There is, however, a form of electricity that is prevalent in every living creature: bioelectricity. It is bioelectricity that enables a shark […]

Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments

Beverly Rubik Energy medicine is one of the major categories of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). These therapies typically involve low-level energy field interactions. They include human energy therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture, magnet therapy, bioelectromagnetic therapy, electrodermal therapy, and phototherapy, among others. Many of these modalities challenge the dominant biomedical paradigm because they cannot be explained […]