At NY Genome Center, Legal Expert Presents Ethical Dilemmas in Gene Editing Developing gene therapies for rare diseases is one thing. Creating gene-edited “designer babies” is quite another. German legal expert Timo Minssen outlined the potentially explosive ethical landmines surrounding such issues during a recent talk at the New York Genome Center. … Minssen said the rapidly growing global market for CRISPR/Cas9 technology could reach $10 […]

Experts Blame Feds for Pharma Corruption

Lauren Vogel There are many shades of pharma corruption, according to the World Health Organization, from exaggerating or hiding safety and effectiveness data to seeking shortcuts in regulation and bribingprescribers.… Corruption is “endemic” because it’s profitable, and companies that “refuse to play the game”lose their market share, he [Marc-André Gagnon] explained. “Don’t blame the companies,” […]