Use of Reiki as a Biofield Therapy: An Adjunct to Conventional Medical Care

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Sangeeta Singg Reiki is a noninvasive, nondiagnostic, and nondirective hands-on healing therapy which is believed to promote healing and a state of well-being in all living things. In recent years, its popularity has increased and as a bio eld or energy therapy it is being used as a complementary modality with the conventional medical care […]

Reiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential As a Complementary Health Therapy

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David E. McManus This study reviews the available clinical studies of Reiki to determine whether there is evidence for Reiki providing more than just a placebo effect. The available English-language literature of Reiki was reviewed, specifically for peer-reviewed clinical studies with more than 20 participants in the Reiki treatment arm, controlling for a placebo effect. […]