Essential Oils in the Treatment of Respitatory Tract Diseases Highlighting Their Role in Bacterial Infections and Their Anti-inflammatory Action: A Review

Györgyi Hováth and Kamilla Acs The appearance of multidrug resistant bacteria and growing antibiotic resistance is leading to a continuous need for discovering new drugs and alternative treatments against infections. The investigation of the antibacterial effect of essential oils (EOs), which are commonly used nowadays in cosmetics, health care, traditional medicine and food industry, could […]

Protective Mechanism of Quercetin and Its Derivatives in Viral-induced Respiratory Illnesses

red and white onion bulbs

Wahyu Choirur Rizky et al. Globally, acute respiratory illnesses are the most commonly manifesting illness in all age group. The disease mostly affects the upper respiratory tract (URT) and is self-limiting. However, a small percentage progresses to lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI). The most important causative agents of severe LRTIs are bacteria and viruses. Various […]