COVID-19 Vaccines: PANDA’s Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Review Has Found That Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Has Been a Failed Experiment

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PANDA Mass public-health measures always involve a trade-off between expected benefits and known and potential risks or harms. Harms include both short-term and long-term or inter-generational harms (e.g. poverty). Separately, they must at all times comply with basic human rights requirements. These fundamental realities have been ignored in much of the public-health response to the […]

Nothing is More Natural Than Pregnancy Without mRNA or Spike Protein

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Peter McCullough The wonderous biologic process of reproduction is the most natural and profound aspect of human biology. Over the millennia, all organisms have developed methods of reproduction that are self-sustaining and robust. We rely upon these principles in obstetrics to allow for the most natural birth possible while providing safety for mother and child. […]

An Independent Biosecurity Risk Assessment on the Current Experimental Mass Vaccination Campaign

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Jonathan Weissman All the risks listed in the executive summary are described in this risk assessment. Through citing academic experts in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals or recent preprints, actual pathologies and epidemiological phenomena underpinning these risks are provided. The risks vary in scope from the individual to the entire population. The risks also vary in […]

WARNING TO PARENTS: Covid Vaccines for Children are Dangerous!

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The Weston A. Price Foundation Dear Parents: If you are contemplating giving Covid vaccines to your children, please read the following key points first. Here you will find that Covid vaccines are NOT safe and NOT effective. … PARENTS!  Your children are at low risk from contracting Covid-19, but are at high risk of injury […]

Every Woman of Child-bearing Age Should Read this Warning on the Covid Vaccines

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Neville Hodgkinson … ‘So I’m here to warn you that if you are of child-bearing potential or younger, so not at menopause, I would strongly recommend you do not accept these vaccines.’   Pfizer themselves say on their website that available data on their Covid vaccine administered to pregnant women ‘are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in […]