Why We Question the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

Robert M. Kaplan and Sander Greenland A new bivalent COVID vaccine will become available this week.  Last week, along with an international group of physicians and scientists, we published a study suggesting that the risks of COVID-19 vaccines may be greater than previously reported.  Using publicly available data from Pfizer and Moderna studies, we found […]

If It’s Okay for Mice, It’s Good Enough for People. Right?

Madhava Setty The U.S. Food and Drug Administration appears set to circumvent its own regulatory process in order to authorize Pfizer’s new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine that targets the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants — without requiring clinical trials on humans. … Yes, it’s an unprecedented move by the FDA, but Dr. Ofer Levy, professor of […]

The Biotech Tipping Point

Guy Hatchard … Excess all-cause mortality is rising around the world, especially in countries with high vaccination rates like New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal. … At what point will people ask why are they constantly falling sick and why are they finding that others are in the same boat? Few people are aware of the […]

CDC (Quietly) Removes A Massive Claim on Vaccine Safety

el gato malo … the CDC just dramatically changed their claims about mRNA vaccine safety … this is a BIG deal as a large part of the safety claim around these drugs was initially predicated on the ideas that they remained localized around the injection site. they were rapidly cleared by the body and did […]

Alarming New Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany and Other Countries

Ana Maria Mihalcea The COVID-19 vaccination programs must be stopped immediately The German Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis has made its initial findings publicly available in a wide-ranging report: 1. Toxic substances were found in all of the samples of COVID-19 vaccines – without exception.  2. The blood samples of all the people who […]

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination

Igor Chudov Can’t Find SAFETY CONCERNS If All Animals Are Destroyed A fact check … attracted my attention. It said that there were NO SAFETY CONCERNS found in animal tests and trials of Covid vaccines. … It turned out that in all three studies, experimenters killed the test animals shortly after vaccination and the subsequent challenge […]

Did Pfizer Perform Adequate Safety Testing for its Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine in Preclinical Studies? Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud (revised version June 2022)

two white and purple bottles

Sasha Latypova The rushed “warp speed” development and approval of completely novel Covid-19 mRNA and DNA vaccines pushed on millions of people has resulted today in millions of reported injuries and thousands of deaths according to public health databases such as VAERS (US), Eduravigilance (EU), Yellow Card (UK) and others. This article reviews some of […]