Scalar Wave Morphogenetic Field Mechanics and Ozone Therapy As a Revolutionary Model for Bioenergetic Regeneration

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Jere Rivera-Dugenio The author proposes an advanced quantum médicine model based upon organic scalar-wave morphogenetic field mechanics, biocybernetic médicine, and ozone thérapie. Individuals with acute, standard and chronic health conditions stem from underlying distortions within the energetic, mental, emotional and physical systems within the biological energetic organism, however, the frequently ignored aspect is not whether […]

Scalar Field Therapy and Mitigation of Seizure Disorder: A Case Report

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Noelani Apau Ludlum et al. This case report describes the use of scalar eld therapy in the mitigation of seizures in an autistic child. The patient is a 4-yr-10-mo-old girl with a 3 year history of seizure disorder and autism. She presents with a long history of a series of 6 to 8 tonic-clonic seizures […]