Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Niacin and Megavitamin Therapy

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David R. Hawkins et al. Over the years a great many biochemical variations and abnormalities have been described in populations of schizophrenic patients. Despite the voluminous literature, very little of practical usefulness has emerged. Partly because of this, in recent years the work of Hoffer and Osmond and others have begun to attract attention, and […]

Can New Onset Psychosis Occur After mRNA Based COVID-19 Vaccine Administration? A Case Report

Samuel Reinfeld et al. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a deleterious impact on mental health at multiple levels. Fear of infection, stress related to social isolation, work, financial or family loss can lead to mood symptoms, anxiety or substance abuse. COVID-19 infection is associated with a host of neuropsychiatric symptoms, including psychosis, even in […]