Science Fiction: The Crisis in Research

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Matt Ridley The vast majority of scientists are honest, but recent years have seen many cases of scientific misconduct come to the scientific misconduct come to the surface, implying there is a systemic problem. The financial and reputational rewards that come with headline- generating results make research fraud all too tempting. High–profile papers on stem […]

How Belief in Science Stripped Morality from Truth

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Robin Monotti I think for three years there’s been a fight over science, and there’s a fight over medicine, and each side is holding their banner and saying: “This is my science. This is my medicine.” The other side saying: “No, this is my science, this is my medicine!” And it’s it’s like trying to shout each other out. […]

Rapprochement: The Sensible Approach to Scientific and Medical Misinformation

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John Hardie and Adele Yamada Health care authorities and experts have a lifelong influence on future generations of health care professionals and medical scientists. Commonly, those teachers are paternalistic and even autocratic figures who, with their credentials and egotistical attitudes, communicate personal opinions and experiences to students via lectures, laboratory exercises, clinical rounds, and examinations. […]

D. Y. O. R.! Do Your Own Research!

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Mike Stone As I have continued to see this ridiculous “don’t do your own research” slogan pop up many times throughout the last few years, I wanted to highlight excerpts from a few of these sources in order to stress the utter insanity in this line of thinking and attack. Reading from these pieces is […]

Plausibility But Not Science Has Dominated Public Discussions of the Covid Pandemic

Harvey Risch Science is the performance of empirical or observational work to obtain evidence confirming or refuting theories. … theories tend to be plausible statements describing something specific about how nature operates. Plausibility is in the eye of the beholder, since what is plausible to a technically knowledgeable expert may not be plausible to a […]

Time to Assume that Health Research is Fraudulent until Proven Otherwise?

Richard Smith Health research is based on trust. Health professionals and journal editors reading the results of a clinical trial assume that the trial happened and that the results were honestly reported. But about 20% of the time, said Ben Mol, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Monash Health, they would be wrong.  … We […]

The Mis-Use of PCR Tests and Other Ways the Psychotic Covid Panic Narrative Was Created

Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson Throughout restrictions which Lord Sumption called a “catastrophe”, we were exposed to the mantra of ‘follow the science’. But unfortunately, the only ‘science’ that seems to have been followed in the major decisions is that of modellers and government departments.  Models are akin to opinions. If they are science, the […]