Could Vitamin D Help Ward Off Suicide?

Joseph Mercola Suicide is a serious public health risk and the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S. A 2023 study of U.S. veterans found those with vitamin D de ciency who were prescribed vitamin D had a 64% lower risk of suicide when compared to those who didn’t take a supplement. This adds […]

Men’s Mental Health and Suicide in Canada – Key Takeaways

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Mental Health Commission of Canada Of the estimated 4,000 suicide deaths in Canada each year, close to 75 per cent are men. This resource summarizes the key takeaways from the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Men: Evidence Brief. Based on findings from the Evidence Brief, this resource highlights statistics on men’s mental health and suicidal […]

Mental Health, Suicidality, and Connectedness Among High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey, United States, January-June 2021

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Sherry Everett Jones, Kathleen A. Ethier, Marci Hertz, Sarah DeGue, Vi Donna Le, Jemekia Thornton, Connie Lim, Patricia J. Dittus, Sindhura Geda Disruptions and consequences related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including school closures, social isolation, family economic hardship, family loss or illness, and reduced access to health care, raise concerns about their effects on the […]