Polysorbate 80 In The Newly Approved Novavax Vaccine

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Lucy Crisetig Governmental concern for our health seems to have its limits. With the many toxins and chemicals approved for use in our food, cosmetics and medicines one might begin to wonder whether this concern is misplaced. Many research studies are beginning to make connections between some of these toxins and the damage they cause […]

What is Polysorbate 80 And Why Should You Avoid It?

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The Good Human Polysorbate 80 (also known as Tween 80) is a food emulsifier, a surfactant in cosmetics, and an excipient used to stabilize aqueous medicine formulations. This synthetic chemical is a thick yellow liquid that is water-soluble generated from sorbitol, natural sugar alcohol, and the ethoxylation of sorbitan followed by the addition of lauric […]