Food Freedom – Part 1: The Genetic Engineering and Synthesization of Our Food System

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Lucy Crisetig With Covid policies reshaping everything from farmland ownership to meat processing to restaurant eating to food costs and availability, it’s clear that critical battle lines are being redrawn. One of the most disturbing new battlefronts has to do with the most age-old of rights, the right to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume […]

Emerging Techniques in Biotechnology Pose New Risks to the Non-GMO Supply Chain

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Non-GMO Project Is it possible to create a non-GMO product using genetic engineering? While that might seem ludicrous to most of us, biotechnology companies have mounted an aggressive campaign to convince the world that the products of new genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR are, in fact, non-GMO. Although this is completely unsupported by the […]

Synthetic Biology – The Future of Food?

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Environmental Health Symposium While we were distracted with Covid-19, lockdowns, mask mandates, and other conundrums, manufacturers of artificial food were busy at work creating the “new food economy.” Since the strategy for getting pesticide-intensive GMO crops onto your plate or your backyard is failing (see Kellogg Commits to Phasing Out Glyphosate by 2025 and Bayer […]

Synthetic Biology Test Could Force the Natural Products Industry to Define Its Position

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Melaina Juntti Meatless Impossible Burgers that “bleed” just like the real deal. Creamy dairy-free ice cream made with Perfect Day’s nonanimal whey protein. Dietary supplements containing “nature-identical” astaxanthin, resveratrol or collagen made from fermented yeast, bacteria or other microorganisms. These and many other tech-spawned products have flooded the market in recent years, even penetrating the natural […]