Very-Low-Carbohydrate Diet Enhances Human T-cell Immunity Through Immunometabolic Reprogramming

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Simon Hirschberger et al. Very-low-carbohydrate diet triggers the endogenous production of ketone bodies as alternative energy substrates. There are as yet unproven assumptions that ketone bodies positively affect human immunity. We have investigated this topic in an in vitro model using primary human T cells and in an immuno-nutritional intervention study enrolling healthy volunteers. We […]

The Biggest Public Health Threat Is Not a Virus but a Weakened Immune System

Carla Peeters A growing list of scientific studies have now shown that immunity following natural infection provides durable protection often far better than immunity following Covid-19 vaccination. Several governments focus on mandated vaccination. However natural immunity and a strong immune system are what are really needed to build full protection and a healthier population. … […]