Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence-Based Medicine?

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Joseph Mercola Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra shares data on the Big Pharma takeover of modern medicine. Due to Big Pharma’s stronghold over health care, we’re facing what Malhotra calls a pandemic of misinformed doctors and unwittingly harmed and misinformed patients. Drug companies and medical device manufacturers aren’t in business to make patients happy; they’re beholden […]

The Public Health Playbook: Ideas for Challenging the Corporate Playbook

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Jennifer Lacy-Nichols, Robert Marten, Eric Crosbie, Rob Moodie Many commercial actors use a range of coordinated and sophisticated strategies to protect business interests—their corporate playbook—but many of these strategies come at the expense of public health. To counter this corporate playbook and advance health and wellbeing, public health actors need to develop, refine, and modernise […]

Corruption: Why Corrupt Industry Practices are a Barrier to Effective Tobacco Control

Tobacco Tactics The tobacco industry interference can fall within non-criminal or criminal forms of corruption. In terms of non-criminal corruption, the tobacco industry uses various strategies and tactics to influence the policy making, such as lobbying, creating front groups or funding science … As implementation of WHO FCTC Article 5.3 progresses, there is a risk that the tobacco industry […]

10 Really Bad Things the Tobacco Industry Has Done to Entice Kids to Start Smoking

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American Lung Association Tobacco companies have decades of experience marketing their products to kids and teens. From ad campaigns to product placement to cartoon characters, Big Tobacco has spent big bucks on getting kids to start smoking. Tactics are deceptive and gloss over the fact that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in […]

10 Ways the Tobacco Industry Targets Youth

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exposetobacco.org Tobacco companies are intentionally trying to normalize tobacco use and promote addictive products to younger generations so they can continue making money. Here we lay out 10 examples of how tobacco companies have covertly and deliberately designed their products and marketing messages to exploit young people’s interests and get them addicted.