Do Organs Have a Mind of Their Own?

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A Midwestern Doctor Organ transplant recipients often experience inexplicable personality changes and memories that appear to come from donor of the original organ. In many of those cases, it appears that emotions which were trapped in the donor (e.g., because of the donor’s sudden traumatic death) transfer into the recipient. This transference provides critical insights […]

Keep Your Organs Healthy – and Safe

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Merinda Teller Over the past six decades, solid organ transplantation has gone from an i y experiment to a “standard-of-care” procedure performed on a “near-routine” basis. However, a leading Brazilian neurologist and professor recently furnished some historical context for the rise in transplantation that should give pause. Discussing the origins of “brain death” as a […]

Always Hungry for More Organs, Transplant Surgeons Are Exploiting – and Illuminating the Different Standards for Determining Death

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Matthew Hanley Are you familiar with something called the “partial resurrection” procedure? That’s how MedPage Today referred to it in a recent article. You might suppose it is some kind of transhumanist scheme to bring the dead back to life, but it is an emerging technique used by transplantation surgeons upon organ donors. … in this procedure, physicians […]

Kidney Transplants Rejected Within Weeks of Receiving Covid Injections

Rhoda Wilson Fourteen days after being injected with an AstraZeneca “vaccine” a 25-year-old woman suffered a transplant rejection. Almost four and a half years earlier she had a successful kidney transplant and she did not report any difficulties until after “vaccination.” A case report published in Nature on 2 March 2022 details this patient’s transplant […]