Bivalent Booster’s “8-Mice Trial” Actually FAILED

Igor Chudov So, the FDA just approved the new Ba.5 bivalent booster, based on a trial of exactly 8 mice. …  the Ba.5 bivalent booster was incredibly consistent producing antibodies against the Wuhan variant. … However, the bivalent booster was extremely INCONSISTENT when producing antibody responses against Ba.5 variant. … the 8 Pfizer standardized Balb/c mice, quite […]

When You Hear BNT162c(2), Run, Don’t Walk, RUN away.

two white and purple bottles

Jessica Rose So as we all know by now, the messenger RNA in the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna products, is the mode of delivery of information for the cells in our bodies to make lots and lots of modified spike proteins.  The ‘conventional’ modified mRNA is non-replicative because it does not include an RdRP (RdRPs […]