How Belief in Science Stripped Morality from Truth

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Robin Monotti I think for three years there’s been a fight over science, and there’s a fight over medicine, and each side is holding their banner and saying: “This is my science. This is my medicine.” The other side saying: “No, this is my science, this is my medicine!” And it’s it’s like trying to shout each other out. […]

Ideological Possession Is the Real Pandemic

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Robin Koerner Recent years have been dominated by a deadly viral disease. Older forms of the disease have always been present in the population at lower levels, but about three years ago, the latest form rapidly took hold of our entire population, reaching pandemic levels and affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Its consequences […]

The Naked Absurdity of Global Public Health

David Bell Something is fundamentally wrong with global public health. More accurately, something is fundamentally wrong with the mindset of global health professionals, particularly those in positions of leadership. It has become normal to speak, repeat, and defend complete absurdity, as if illusions and fantasies are real. There are no sanctions for operating in this […]