Aneuploidy – The Chromosomal Imbalance that Leads to Cancer

Ulrike Granögger To date, the prevalent approach to understanding and curing cancer has been to sequence the cancer genome and find the responsible oncogene(s). But this approach has turned out to be futile, with many studies showing great heterogeneity within individual tumors. In fact, no cancer cell is alike; even within the same tumor, gene […]

The Nature of Tumors

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Caroline Markolin … when we suffer unexpected emotional stress, the ”conflict shock“ impacts in an area in the brain that is programmed to deal with exactly the particular type of distress experienced. From over 40,000 case studies, Dr. Hamer established that when the brain receives the impact, which is visible on a brain scan, the […]

Ivermectin Converts Cold Tumors Hot and Synergizes with Immune Checkpoint Blockade for Treatment of Breast Cancer

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Dobrin Dragaonov et al. We show that treatment with the FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug ivermectin induces immunogenic cancer cell death (ICD) and robust T cell infiltration into breast tumors. As an allosteric modulator of the ATP/P2X4/P2X7 axis which operates in both cancer and immune cells, ivermectin also selectively targets immunosuppressive populations including myeloid cells and Tregs, […]

Independent Science on the Effects of EMF Radiation on Human Health

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Robert O. Young Long-term exposure to wireless radiation is a proven health hazard. 5G puts your privacy, security, safety and property values at risk. There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation. Here we present some of the most recent.I. Effects […]

Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless: Health Impacts

Children’s Health Defense The telecommunications industry, aided by governments around the world, rolled out their infrastructure that makes this technology available in virtually every corner of our lives. Yet they did so before exposure to RF-EMF, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation had been fully evaluated. In fact, the safety of cell towers and cell phones was not studied for […]

Long-term Persistence of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein: Evidence and Implications

Michael Palmer and Sucharit Bhakdi This paper discusses the recent study by Bansal et al. [1] on the detection of spike protein in persons vaccinated with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. The most significant finding is that spike protein is found on exosomes, that is, cell-derived vesicles, for at least four months after the second injection. […]