Moderna 16.2.7 Adverse Event Listings

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Listing Listing Serious Adverse Events in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Listing Serious Treatment-Related Adverse Events in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Listing Death Listing in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Image: Mufid Majnun @ Unsplash

Did Side Effects from the Covid Shots Cause Any Excess Mortality?

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PANDA To put this into perspective, the global average IFR of Covid for everyone under 70 had been determined to be about 0.07%.Despite the fact that all-cause mortality figures avoid the bias of how a death was classified, determining vaccine fatalities from excess deaths is not as simple as it might sound. In the first […]

Anesthetic Management of Suspected COVID-19 Vaccination Pericarditis/Myocarditis Scheduled for a Pericardial Window: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Cecilia Karemingi et al. The unique challenges posed by the COVID vaccination continue to affect multiple healthcare specialties. Although short-term studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective, reports of side effects continue to emerge. Cardiovascular side effects such as myo-pericardial inflammation are of particular interest to the fields of cardiology, anesthesiology, […]

Newly released Internal Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine adverse event surveillance report reveals millions of adverse events, significant portion classified as serious.

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The Canadian Independent As more and more Pfizer documents are being released, this particular one stands out as the most alarming to date. The 393-page Pfizer (BNT162B2) COVID-19 vaccine post-marketing surveillance report covers a six-month period from December 19, 2021, to June 18, 2022. The report includes over 10,000 different categories of adverse events. … […]

Serious Harms of the COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review

Peter C. Gøtzsche and Maryanne Demasi We included 18 systematic reviews, 14 randomised trials, and 34 other studies with a control group. Most studies were of poor quality. A systematic review of regulatory data on the two pivotal trials of the mRNA vaccines found significantly more SAEs of special interest with the vaccines compared to […]

Serious Harms of the Covid-19 Vaccine: A Systematic Review

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Maryanne Demasi In the case of covid-19 vaccines, neither the vaccine manufacturers, nor the drug regulators allowed independent researchers to examine the raw trial data, forcing transparency advocates to sue the FDA for access to the documents. In our review, we focused on serious adverse events (SAEs) associated with covid-19 vaccines, documented in the published […]

Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis after COVID Shots, New Documents Reveal

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Michael Nevradakis Pfizer and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withheld evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations led to an increased risk of myocarditis, especially in young males, according to two sets of documents made public this week. Con dential P zer documents leaked Thursday by Project Veritas show the company had “evidence that suggests […]

COVID-19 Vaccines – An Australian Review

Conny Turni and Astrid Lefringhausen After millions of people have been vaccinated as often as four times within a year, the effects of these vaccinations are slowly becoming apparent. This review has been written from an Australian perspective with the main focus on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. We will look at the promises/predictions originally made […]