National Nanotechnology Initiative Specifically Speaks of Covid 19 Bioweapons as “Nano Technology Enabled” and Plans Many More Nanotechnological “Vaccines”

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Ana Maria Mihalcea Millions of people have been mislead in a concerted e4ort to divert attention from the study of nanotechnology in the C19 shots. Mainstream “freedom doctors” proclaimed that we see nothing but salt, sugar and cholesterol. The analysis of the hydrogel clots was omitted, and Anally, only Mike Adams analyzed them – confirming […]

Flu Shots: What’s Coming Part 1

Sherri Tenpenny Historically, influenza shots contained three attenuated (weakened) viruses: two strains of influenza A and one type of influenza B. That changed in 2012 when FluMist became the first, FDA-approved quadrivalent flu vaccine, with two strains of A and two strains of B. Link to Part 2:

Pandemic History, Adjusted for Financial Return

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David Bell The rapidly-growing pandemic preparedness industry is dominating global public health and proving increasingly lucrative. To support this agenda, numerous white papers are emerging, sponsored by such institutions as the World Bank, G7, G20 and World Health Organization that insist that pandemics are increasing in frequency and impact. A glance at global burden of […]

Disease Madness – What is Happening? Part 2

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Dawn Lester The ‘outbreaks’ that are claimed to have occurred during June 2022 were listed in Disease Madness part 1, with the addition of 2 ‘situation updates’, one of which relates to Ebola, which is discussed later in this article. The main reason for providing this list of ‘outbreaks’ is to highlight that, contrary to many […]

Disease Madness – What is Happening? Part 1

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Dawn Lester If we are to believe the mainstream media, which is not advisable for a whole host of reasons, not least of which is that they have been demonstrably proven to report lies, then millions and possibly billions of people are currently in the grip of many ‘outbreaks’, some ‘epidemics’ and one ‘pandemic’, all […]

Big Pharma’s $7.2 Billion Cash Cow: Vaccines for Industrial Meat Production

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Martha Rosenberg Many people know about the routine use of antibiotics in livestock production — and object to it.  The drugs are profitable to industrial meat producers because they cause animals to gain more weight with less feed and prevent the outbreak of disease in often cramped concentrated animal feeding operation conditions.  … As the […]