The Dark Side of Plant-based Food – It’s More About Money Than You May Think

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Martin Cohen and Frédéric Leroy If you were to believe newspapers and dietary advice leaflets, you’d probably think that doctors and nutritionists are the people guiding us through the thicket of what to believe when it comes to food. But food trends are far more political – and economically motivated – than it seems. … […]

Aches, Pains and Diet

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Vesanto Melina Stiffness, arthritis, and aching joints: what have these to do with diet? The causes of various forms of arthritis are complex and sometimes little understood. Yet recent research indicates that foods can significantly affect arthritic symptoms for certain people.

Key Diet and Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthier Life

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Joseph Mercola Avoiding industrial seed oils, due to their high linoleic acid (LA) content, can go a long way toward safeguarding your health. Examples of cooking oils to avoid include canola, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed and soybean oil. As a general rule, anything over 10 grams of LA a day is likely to cause problems. For […]

Vegetarianism and Nutrient Deficiencies

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Christopher Masterjohn Not all vegetarians develop overt health problems in such a short length of time from abandoning animal foods and some—especially those who eat eggs, milk, or occasional fish and shell sh—may maintain good health for decades. A strictly vegetarian diet, however, clearly lacks nutritional qualities that an omnivorous diet possesses. If the people […]

There’s No Such Thing As a Green Vegan

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Mary Harrington Go meatless to save the earth! After all, the meat industry contributes 14.5% of the planet’s entire carbon emissions, gobbles up 26% of the globe’s ice-free surface for grazing and a further 33% for feed production, pollutes water, impacts biodiversity, and of course — in its industrialised form — is shockingly cruel to animals. With all these arguments, […]