Caution in Identifying Coronavirus by Electron Microscopy

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Sarah E. Miller and Cynthia S. Goldsmith We are concerned about the erroneous identification of coro-navirus directly in tissues by authors using electron microscopy. Several recent articles have been published that purport to have identified severe acute respiratory syndrome corona- virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) directly in tissue. Most describe particles that resemble, but do not have […]

Low Battery

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Mike Stone Congestion. Runny nose. Sneezing. Headache. Sore eyes. Scratchy throat. Dry cough. Digestion issues (enough said). It sounds like I must have come down with the dreaded “Covid-19,” or any of the identical diseases it cannot be differentiated from, after my 16-day vacation … I must have encountered one of those invisible-to-the-naked-eye pathogenic boogeymen […]

The Sick Cycle Carousel

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Mike Stone Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. People are su8ering from the same set of non- specific symptoms that they encounter each and every year, and it is declared that a influenza outbreak is upon us. A few months pass, and despite the vaccines and treatments, the symptoms persist. However, the flu […]

“virus” FOIs – Canadian Food Inspection Agency, David Martin, PH Wales, Cardiff & Vale – no records, no science!

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Christine Massey Canadian Food Inspection Agency agents destroy animals based on “viruses” they cannot show existMay 10, 2023:The people at Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confessed to having zero scientific proof of the existence of any alleged “virus” that they claim has ever affected livestock/food in Canada, see pg 15/16 … Image: Syaibatulhamdi @ Unsplash

What Does – and Doesn’t – Make Us Sick

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Tow Cowan What makes us sick and what doesn’t make us sick? To answer that question, our first step is to understand how we as human beings come to know something. There are two basic ways. First, we can have a sensory experience of something that tells us that this thing is real. We might […]

And On and On it Goes …

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Dawn Lester It seems that many people wonder why the ‘no virus’ issue remains important now that the ‘pandemic’ is over. To add to that, there are some people in the ‘freedom movement’ who have recently asserted that there are many aspects of the globalists’ agenda that are not related to health and are far […]

Covid and Marburg Weapons System

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Sasha Latypova Three years of non-stop propaganda of “covid” everything, but few people realize that in fact, we have had 2 “scary scary virus” epidemics since 2020: covid AND Marburg! Did you know that? … on December 9, 2020, HHS Secretary Alex Azar issued another PREP Act coverage declaration for countermeasures and activities related to […]