Is Water Fluoridation Effective?

Fluoride Action Network According to most major sources, estimates of fluoridation effectiveness amount to at most a reduction of only one-half cavity per child. Low end estimates find no significant reduction at all. Children aged 6-17 average 2.1 cavities in their permanent teeth. • Cochrane Collaboration2 (2015): 26% (0.5 cavity per child)• CDC3 (2018): 25% […]

Fluoride Exposure and Human Health Risks: A Fact Sheet from the IAOMT

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicity Although fluoride exists naturally in the environment, human exposure to fluoride has drastically increased since the 1940s. Since that time, an array of products containing fluoride and its compounds have been introduced to the average consumer, especially due to fluoride’s alleged role in cavities prevention. … The impact […]

The Science and Ethics of Water Fluoridation

Howard Cohen and David Locker It is our contention that water fluoridation, by the very nature of the way it is administered, engenders a number of moral dilemmas that do not admit to any easy solution. In this paper, we attempt to elucidate the particular problems posed by this public health initiative, according to the […]