Illuminating Water and Life

Mae-Wan Ho This paper reviews the quantum electrodynamics theory of water put forward by Del Giudice and colleagues and how it may provide a useful foundation for a new science of water for life. The interaction of light with liquid water generates quantum coherent domains in which the water molecules oscillate between the ground state […]

What Actually Happens with Water inside the Body

A Midwestern Doctor In [a previous] article, I reviewed the lineage of scientists who, for over a century, all came to a similar conclusion: water can exist in a structured state where it behaves like a liquid crystal. Most of them figured this out by observing cells and noticing water within cells, especially that the […]

What Is The Forgotton Side of Water?

A Midwestern Doctor Within the conventional biomedical model, water is thought of as a uniform, evenly mixed (homogeneous) substance that exists as an aqueous solution that facilitates the random mixing of chemical reactants necessary to produce the biochemistry of life. Homogeneity is assumed to occur within any contained water compartment (e.g. inside a cell, inside […]

What Does Water Do For the Brain?

Heights Water plays a vital role in every function of your body. And the following groundbreaking research pinpoints exactly how powerful hydration is for optimal brain health. If you want to experience clearer thinking, better memory and even enhanced focus and concentration, these cognitive benefits are just a sip of water away.


Ibrahim Karim From Egypt, the cradle of civilization, there has emerged a modern science that restores the harmony and subtle energy balance in our lives, our environment and modern technology. This science of BioGeometry encompasses the universal laws and natural dynamics affecting living energy systems, which have been largely ignored in our modern civilization at […]

What is Proper Hydration and How Do I Achieve It?

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World Council for Health Many of us have heard the phrase, the human body is made of water. While it is indeed true that the human body contains a lot of water, the presence of all that water doesn’t necessarily mean we’re properly hydrated. In fact, many of us are chronically dehydrated and probably don’t even know […]

A New Insight Into How DNA Is Held Together

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Chalmers University of Technology DNA is constructed of two strands, consisting of sugar molecules and phosphate groups. Between these two strands are nitrogen bases, the compounds which make up organisms’ genes, with hydrogen bonds between them. Those hydrogen bonds have sometimes been seen as crucial to holding the two strands together. But now, researchers from […]