The Ivermectin Double Cross

Amandha Dawn Vollmer

Has anyone ever stopped to ask what all these drug residues from stool may do once they hit our rivers and lakes; once they are in our wildlife? Antibiotics cause water and soil contamination. Does Ivermectin? Indeed, it does. The residue can kill insects, too. Also, it was found ivermectin breakdown takes months in cold weather, but faster (2 weeks) in hot weather. What happens when more and more people take this drug, believing it to be some sort of miracle?

… What is the double-cross? … Hold back the candy for long enough, the child will want it. Make it look like they are suppressing a “cure” for a disease (one that doesn’t even exist, for a more modern example) and those clever monkeys are going to start going bananas over it. They know how to manipulate a rebel mind. This is why there are so many gatekeepers and controlled opposition. 

… A major mistake in our understanding is we don’t realize that what we are calling parasite infections are all indicators, telling us something important about the health of our entire organism: the frequencies and signals it puts off. Calling out for a need to be met.

There are many environmental toxins that can accumulate in the human body … Studies have found that parasites like tapeworms can accumulate high levels of lead, cadmium, and mercury, in higher concentrations than their hosts can, indicating that they are capable of absorbing and retaining these toxic substances from their hosts. When you kill these creatures, the body reabsorbs the wastes back into the tissues. We do a disservice to ourselves to go on a killing spree inside of our bodies at the expense of the terrain.

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