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The Sick Cycle Carousel

Mike Stone

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. People are su8ering from the same set of non- specific symptoms that they encounter each and every year, and it is declared that a influenza outbreak is upon us. A few months pass, and despite the vaccines and treatments, the symptoms persist. However, the flu season ends, and so it is time to usher in a new culprit to blame for this continued disease. Enter a “novel virus” that has never been seen before that steps right in to take the place of the previously guilty party.

The Sick Cycle Carousel – by Mike Stone

However, the protective measures, vaccines, and treatments fail to eliminate these same non-specific symptoms brought about by the novel “virus.” This requires the influenza “virus” to re-emerge after a long slumber in order to take the burden o8 of and absorb some of the blame for the “novel virus.” This allows for the appearance of e8ectiveness in the enacted measures used to combat the “novel virus” so that the fearful public do not lose faith. Yet flying in the face of all wisdom, these non-specific symptoms continue to persist, despite the season and despite the various tactics used to “contain” these “viruses.”

Thus, another culprit, going by “respiratory syncytial virus” (RSV), enters the stage in order take the spotlight away from the failures to eliminate the non-specific symptoms of disease brought about by the previous two “viruses.”

Image: Алексей Васильев @ Pexels

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