What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin K2?

Joseph Mercola

Vitamin K1 and K2 are necessary for optimal health. While K1 is important for blood clotting, K2 is necessary for your heart, bone, hormonal and kidney health.

Vitamin K2 is highly beneficial as it ensures calcium is not deposited in your arteries but transported to your bones and teeth where it belongs, reducing your risk of atherosclerosis and kidney disease, and supporting your hormonal health

Vitamin K2 is important to balance testosterone production in men and women, reducing a man’s risk of low testosterone levels and a woman’s risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome

Vitamin K2 also helps reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, and is a cofactor for vitamin D and calcium to support bone health

Vitamin K2 MK-4 is found in animal foods such as organic egg yolk, dark chicken meat and goose liver. MK-7, the most effective form, is found in fermented foods such as natto, and in both so and hard cheeses such as Brie and Gouda

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