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Who’s Tipping the Scales?

Molly Anderson et al. / IPES-Food 2023

… The power of giant agribusiness firms was already a matter of concern over a century ago. Attempts have been made to rein them in through anti-trust policies, lobbying registers, and even a UN Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations. But these efforts were ultimately inadequate, and the power of leading agri-food corporations to set the agenda has only grown.

… This brief outlines the ways in which existing initiatives have made important contributions toward addressing some of the most egregious impacts of corporate power, and as such are worthwhile steps toward more significant change. Yet while important, these proposals typically seek to improve power dynamics within existing arrangements rather than question or transform the structures of power themselves. Broader and deeper changes are needed.

A bold, structural vision to counter the corporate takeover of food-related global governance – one that supports central roles for people, governments, and democratic, public-interest-based decision-making
– is urgently needed. Such a vision would include democratizing existing governance spaces and creating new ones free from corporate influence, to ensure accountability and amplify the voices of people and communities who have and will be most affected by hunger, malnutrition, and ecological harm.

Image: Darla Hueske @ Unsplash

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