Why Medical Freedom is Prerequisite to All Other Freedoms

Chris Paige

… in a truly wise and enlightened society, we must decide that some means will never be used, regardless of the ends at issue.  If stripping people of their medical freedoms is the only way to save our lives, then we should begin planning our funerals, not our lives after freedom. I know that sounds radical, crazy even, but it reflects two (2) essential truths:  

First, our leaders exaggerate the necessity of trading our liberties for our lives, so we should resist their demands out of prudence alone.  

Second, we must re-affirm our commitment to the principle that liberty is more important than life. 

… we cannot oppose masks, lockdowns, and vaccines merely because they are dangerous and/or ineffective; rather, we must oppose any attempt to limit our medical freedom or we will lose all of our rights.  Who cares about your right to free speech when the government can “medicate” whom it will? 

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