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CHA Weekly Newsletter February 10th, 2024

Executive Director’s Message

I think one of the big lessons of the last few years has been that we have relinquished too much authority and control of our lives and have let ourselves become vulnerable to the ambition of those who have slowly and carefully taken that authority from us.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security through the lure of convenience and comfort, to the point where a large percentage of the population is still slumbering in their self-selected warmth and comfort. There they are tightly curled up, desperately trying to resist the unsettling truth and common sense that is nagging at their subconscious.

With this, I have also come to realize that, as we take back our sovereignty and responsibility for our lives, we need to actively participate in fixing and correcting the failings of this old system. We can not expect anyone else to improve the system if we aren’t prepared to roll up our sleeves and start improving it ourselves first.

This is leadership by example, and the wonderful thing is that it is infectious! Once we start actively working on fixing things and making our lives better, people around us, many of whom feel the same, will join us, and quickly we will all be working together for the good of our greater community.

And that is what Canada Health Alliance is committed to doing. We have our Noble Purpose and our top strategic goals that will help us achieve that purpose (see, and we are actively doing something about it.

As part of this, we have identified the role that regulatory bodies have played in forcing the compliance (and silence) of doctors and other healthcare practitioners over the last few years, to the detriment of the public, and healthcare generally.

This is something we would like to address and fix, hopefully before the WHO launches their next ‘pandemic’ upon us. As we formulate our plans we would like your help and your thoughts on this. Please could I therefore ask you to complete the survey below and give us your thoughts on the health practitioners’ regulatory bodies across Canada and how you think we could and should improve them.

Your participation in this will help give us a clear view of what we should do and how we can fix things going forward.

And that active involvement in defining issues, finding positive solutions, and making them happen, I think, is going to be the key to improving the future, not just for ourselves personally, but for us all.

We all know we are on the cusp of The Golden Age. Now we just need to start making it happen!

Thank you.

Alan Brough

CHA Executive Director – 

Wins of the Week

We have several wins this week several of which are either related to articles in the newsletter, or are updates on what we have spoken about in previous editions…

  1. The Democracy Fund recently announced that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has formally withdrawn their charges against Dr. Jean Marc Benoit, which alleged that his posts on X (formerly Twitter) during the Covid-19 pandemic were “disgraceful, dishonorable, or unprofessional.”  The matter had been scheduled for a 5-day hearing, but instead concluded with a short appearance, as Dr. Benoit pleaded “no contest” to failing to respond to a College communication. Benoit received a reprimand, and the CPSO formally withdrew the balance of the allegations. This win is very relevant to this edition of our Canada Health Alliance newsletter as this week we are taking a deep dive into the role, responsibility, and overreach of our Canadian health regulatory authorities.
  2. After being hounded by the hostile mainstream media the leader of the Conservative party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, has stated ‘on the record’ that he agrees with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith in that medical transitioning or puberty blockers should not be allowed for children. He said that he supports the right of any adult to choose the lifestyle they want, but that when it comes to irreversible surgery this is an adult decision that needs to be made by adults.
  3. More than one hundred candidates for public office in the US, and nearly as many current officeholders across 35 states have publicly declared that they believe the Covid-19 vaccines should be “immediately discontinued” in the interest of public safety. The numbers of those calling for the halting of the mRNA vaccines continue to grow, as does pressure for a proper inquiry into the safety of these so-called ‘treatments.’
  4. In response to a freedom of information request, this week the CDC admitted that it has no records supporting the statement that high vaccination coverage in a population reduces the spread of the virus and helps prevent new variants from emerging.
  5. In a related development, a paper published at the end of January in the journal Cureus is the first peer-reviewed paper to call for a global moratorium on the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. The authors say that reanalyzed data from the vaccine makers’ trials and high rates of serious post-injection injuries indicate the mRNA gene therapy vaccines should not have been authorized for use. You can read the paper at:
  6. Health officials in the United Kingdom have confessed that the medical-grade masks the government pushed on everyone during COVID are completely useless at protecting people from disease.
  7. The UK Health Security Agency has recently published a report covering an investigation into the medical-grade masks that people used during the “pandemic,” including the N95 mask. Independent scientists looked at a total of 4,371 studies. These researchers were unable to find a single piece of usable scientific evidence to back the wearing of a medical-grade face covering for protection against COVID. To read the report yourself click:
  8. The Farmers Revolution in Europe continues to gain momentum and scale as more and more countries join the protests. Over the last few days Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal have been gridlocked and the blockade of Paris and the European Parliament in Brussels continues. While farmers in Latvia and Britain are both rumoured to join with their own coordinated protests within the next few days. In Canada two days ago we saw a convoy of tractors gathering in our first Farmer protest in Duncan on Vancouver Island.

If you have any personal, local, or national wins that you think we should share and celebrate, please email them to me at

Do We Need To Reform Our Canadian Health Regulatory Colleges?

Fill Out This Survey and Let Us Know What You Think.

The role and responsibility of our healthcare regulatory colleges and associations are essentially to protect the public from any malpractice committed by their association members. This is a very important role. Yet over the last three years, many of us have become victims of Regulatory College and Association overreach as we were forced to submit to their centrally dictated political views for fear of losing our licenses and consequently our livelihoods.

Many practitioners across a whole range of modalities felt that their colleges and associations were straying outside of their jurisdiction and were punishing members not for malpractice, but for simply exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Now we need to determine if this was justified and if, given another health emergency in the future, we should allow it to happen again.

Alberta Free Inc. is currently advising multiple groups on the possibility of establishing new, independent, and member-driven regulatory bodies for health practitioners. These proposed bodies would operate alongside the existing regulatory organizations. Although historically it has been unusual to have more than one regulatory body for the same profession in the same province, Federal and Provincial laws do permit multiple such organizations within the same jurisdiction, so it is allowed.

However, at this early stage, both Alberta Free and ourselves at Canada Health Alliance are eager to get your insights and opinions on this initiative.

To this end, Alberta Free has prepared a brief survey/questionnaire which we would like you to fill in and submit. Your responses will be invaluable in gauging the level of interest, commitment, and unity regarding this proposal.

The survey is also completely anonymous and no one (including ourselves) will know your name, identity, or who submitted which survey. We only ask which province you are from and what association you fall under. This anonymity is critical to allow you to give your honest opinion without any need for self-censorship.

We kindly ask for just two minutes of your time to complete this short survey. Additionally, the survey includes a section for comments, and we encourage you to share any further thoughts you may have.

Your participation is crucial. To complete the short questionnaire please click:

Or simply scan this QR code on your mobile phone…

The more responses we receive, the more robust our data will be, aiding us in shaping a better healthcare future for our families and community.

Thank you for your time and valuable input.

Training Calendar

We have a couple of training courses which we are recommending over the next month as listed above.

After the sold-out success of our Canada Health Alliance Hands On Homeopathy and Optimizing Your Brain health courses, we are currently working on our next couple of CHA New Health Series training courses. We should be ready to announce the details of these new courses over the next few weeks, so keep checking our weekly updated Training Calendar.

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The Reality of The Healthcare Collapse in Canada

We would like to thank for the above chart. For more details please visit their website.

There has been much talk about the coming collapse of the public-funded healthcare system in Canada, and many parallels have been drawn with the British National Health Service which went through its own crisis about ten years ago.

With the example of the British NHS we have had plenty of time to see and understand the systemic failings of our own healthcare system. Yet, we only seem to be willing to do anything about it once the entire system is right on the verge of collapse and people start dying from neglect.

And it seems after the gross mismanagement and alienation of many healthcare workers over the last three years, we are indeed getting to that point.

People are now dying from neglect. Lots of people…

Under the dramatic headline ‘Ontario Waiting List Deaths Jump,’ back in August, Second Street released their Health report for Ontario for the period 2022 – 2023. Although the mainstream media didn’t really report on it at the time, the shocking data includes the number of patients who died while waiting for surgery in 2022-23. This figure is just under 2,100 (for Ontario alone, never mind the rest of the country!) and even more concerning is the fact that is up by 49% over the previous year. The same data shows diagnostic scan waiting list deaths are up 27% year-over-year and cardiac surgical waiting list deaths are up 17%, as you can see in the above chart.

Last year, in total, almost nine and a half thousand people in Ontario who were on a medical wait list died before they could get the treatment and attention they needed.

This is clearly not acceptable, especially given how expensive this crumbling system is for us.

And make no mistake, it is funded by ‘us’. While most Canadians view our socialized public health system as being ‘free’ or ‘government-funded,’ that is not true. The government does pay the costs, but the money to pay those costs comes from tax-payer revenue, so the real source of funding for our failing public health system is taxpayers. That means you and I!

Public health collapse can be caused by numerous factors, but there is a looming crisis if you have a combination of:

  • increasing numbers of people dying while on the wait list for life-saving treatment or diagnosis;
  • a reduction in the quality and availability of doctors and medical staff (which we are seeing across Canada where now more than five million Canadians no longer have access to a family doctor), and;
  • an increase in the cost of maintaining the system at a rate that is higher than national inflation.

This combination of tell-tale factors is often also indicative of corruption within the system. We are seeing a lot of similar examples of corporate corruption plaguing the Liberal government in Ottawa at the moment (i.e. ArriveCan etc). Consequently, it stands to reason that there has likely been a growth in the level of misappropriation of funds in healthcare given the massive budgets, the ‘emergency situation’, and the vague and unclear policies around accountability. Such corruption, if it exists, siphons off the available budget and drives out ethical healthcare practitioners who are committed to actually improving the quality of care.

We have added the proviso ‘if it exists’ because there is currently no clear evidence or court rulings identifying systemic corruption in national healthcare (although there are numerous ‘isolated’ regional cases). However, we know that there are escalating costs and a reduction in service quality and availability which is leading to unnecessary deaths and that is always a strong indicator of either irresponsible/criminal mismanagement or the siphoning of corruption.

As reported on the Canadian Institute for Health Information website, data shows that Ontario spent an average of $4,057 per patient on health care in 2015/16. By 2022-23 spending had increased to $5,400 per patient, which is about 8% higher than the rate of inflation for the same period. The government-funded CIHI also noted that Canada currently spends “among the highest internationally” of OECD countries on health care.

The question is where is all that money going and how can it be better spent, as clearly the old Canadian system is no longer working?

Having anticipated this coming collapse of our public-funded healthcare system, at the beginning of 2022, Canada Health Alliance adopted a new ‘Noble Purpose.’ That purpose is to establish a new healthcare system through collaboration, integrity, and the participation of each and every person. The need for this grows even more critical with each passing day, and sadly with each passing patient, is condemned to die on a wait list for not just treatment and surgery, but often even just timely diagnosis.

According to President Colin Craig, “The Ontario government’s decision to partner with private clinics is a positive step that could help address this problem. When Saskatchewan partnered with private clinics, wait times went down substantially. Ontario could also let patients choose between using the public system or paying for health care at non-profit and private clinics. That would take pressure off the public system and save patients from having to drive to Quebec or the United States for timely treatment.”

Although this is a good, ‘common sense’ approach that we believe will definitely save lives and keep more healthcare revenue within our own national and provincial economies, it is a highly politicized issue.

When Danielle Smith said that she would like to allow private healthcare services in Alberta to subsidize and support the public system and help reduce wait times, she was slaughtered by the NDP who accused her of planning to “kill public health.” Most Canadians had been indoctrinated to believe that our public-funded healthcare system is ‘one of the best in the world.’ While that is simply not true, many people recoiled at the NDP’s accusation and fell for the lie.

Fortunately, Danielle Smith managed to retain sufficient support to win the last provincial election and now has the chance to implement her envisaged ‘dual’ system. If it works and wait times (and lost lives) are reduced, it will be a definitive case study that proves the critical importance of having an effective private/public partnership working for the real health and wellbeing of the public.

This is exciting for us at Canada Health Alliance as our top strategic priority is currently to design, build, and establish a new, better healthcare system that is grounded on medical ethics, does not discriminate, and works in the best interests of the individual patient/participant.

You can support us in this quest by becoming a paid member of Canada Health Alliance (if you are not already a paid member) at, by volunteering to work with us on these projects or by donating to CHA. For more information see our website at or email Alan at

Sources for this article include:

The Danger of Uncontrolled Regulatory Colleges And What We Can Do About Them

We all agree that regulatory colleges and associations for healthcare practitioners, especially surgeons and physicians, are very important to protect the public. This is due to the very influential position that healthcare professionals have over their patients who often have the opinion that ‘the doctor knows best.’

Consequently, sometimes those who are in a vulnerable state might go along with the instructions of their healthcare provider that they instinctively feel are not right. This can result in serious malpractice, and it is definitely in these situations that the Colleges play a very important role.

The authority that these regulatory bodies have over their members is that they can cancel or withhold the license of their members which effectively stops those practitioners from working. In the case of serious malpractice or any other sort of abuse of patients the withdrawal of licences is definitely valid and the public need to know that they have this recourse.

However, given the power of this punishment, regulatory bodies can have as much sway over their members as doctors can have over their patients, and the potential for abuse is the same for both parties. Yet, unlike the healthcare practitioners, there is no one to oversee or even moderate any excess of power and influence exerted by the Colleges.

There is not even the moderation of healthy competition because in almost every jurisdiction there is only one regulatory body per profession/modality. This means they have free rein to set and enforce whatever rules or requirements they happen to come up with and their members will generally succumb given that they do not want to lose their licenses.

Over the last three years, with the drama and fear of Covid and then with all the mandates that followed, including the vaccine mandates, we have seen a lot of this type of abuse impacting both the public and the healthcare practitioners themselves.

Dr. Clayton Baker, an internal medicine physician with a quarter century in clinical practice writes in his excellent article ‘Medicine Has Been Fully Militarized’ that, “top-down diktats on how to manage Covid patients were handed down to physicians from high above, and these were enforced with a militaristic rigidity unseen in doctors’ professional lifetimes. The mandated protocols made no sense. They ignored fundamental tenets of both sound medical practice and medical ethics. They shamelessly lied about well-known, tried-and-true medicines that were known to be safe and appeared to work. The protocols killed people. 

Those physicians and other professionals who spoke out were effectively court-martialled. State medical boards, specialty certification boards, and large healthcare system employers virtually tripped over each other in the rush to delicense, decertify, and fire dissenters. The propaganda was as nauseating as it was blatant. And then came the jabs.”

And although the threat of Covid has receded and we have had time to reflect on the madness of that 2020 to 2022 period, according to Dr. Baker these regulators are still clinging to their unbridled power trip. “…virtually all the major healthcare systems, specialty regulatory boards, specialty associations, and medical schools are standing at attention, still in lockstep with the received – and by now, clearly false – narrative. Their funding, after all, be it from Pharma or the Government, depends upon their obedience. Barring a dramatic change, they will respond in the same fashion when orders come down from above in the future. Medicine has been fully militarized” he points out.

Sadly the potential and propensity for this type of abuse by the healthcare regulators has been of grave concern for decades, but unfortunately, the medical profession has chosen to ignore the warnings.

Back in 2001, almost a quarter-of-a-century ago M. Fitzpatrick published his book, ‘The Tyranny of Health: doctors and the regulations of lifestyle.’ As you can imagine this book is almost impossible to find now and has been buried by our allopathic healthcare system because it warned of this very issue.

In his book, Fitzpatrick explains that  “Western society is experiencing an age of anxiety characterized by irrational fears (particularly about health), lack of trust (both of individuals and institutions), and a lowering of expectations about human agency.

The resulting age of anxiety has served to both heighten our sense of vulnerability to illness and undermine trust in the traditional remedies of medical science administered by a benign profession. We want more health (even when we are not ill), but less clinical intervention (even when we are ill) and this provides a fertile ground for ever more intrusive public health and health promotion strategies, and there are serious consequences for the patient, the doctor and the society as a whole.

The first casualty is efficiency, as resources are directed away from the treatment of the sick towards surveillance and regulation of the healthy. The second is the doctor–patient relationship, as medical science is increasingly disparaged in favour of sanctimonious moralizing and the vacuity of the ‘holistic approach’. The status of autonomy of the medical profession is also at stake because realization of the government’s health strategy depends upon subordinating the doctor to managerial control. Most important of all are the consequences for the patient, not just in terms of heightened anxiety, but also through a diminished sense of resilience.

Much of the problem stems from governmental and professional bodies ignoring contrary evidence, or mistaking statistical significance for clinical significance. Epidemiologists themselves must take part of the blame for making exaggerated predictions of prevalence.” This includes the gross overestimates we saw with not only the mortality rate of Covid in early 2020 but similarly with AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, and of course now with the dreaded ‘Disease X’ (see our article on this very issue below…).

It is a given that the public needs to be assured that there are regulatory bodies who monitor healthcare professionals to ensure that there is as little abuse and malpractice out there as possible. But we should also ensure that those regulatory bodies have their own mechanism for restraint, moderation, impartiality, and political (racial and religious) neutrality.

In capitalist economies, commercial businesses, organizations, and product manufacturers are moderated through healthy competition. This naturally sets a common standard for publicly acceptable product performance, price, quality, and integrity. This works on the simple premise that if a business or manufacturer tries to sell a product that is either defective or too expensive the buying public will simply stop buying it and get it from a better-value manufacturer or supplier.

When it comes to the regulatory bodies for healthcare practitioners we propose applying the same principle and allowing healthy competition. If doctors have a choice of which regulatory body they would like to be registered with they will naturally subscribe to the college or association which is less dictatorial, demanding, and intrusive.

To survive in this environment any regulatory body therefore will be much more mindful as to their degree of overreach and interference. This in turn will enable their members to focus on providing the best quality of service to their clients and will ensure that the regulatory bodies focus on ensuring quality of service as opposed to political compliance.

Let us know what you think of this, firstly by completing the survey on healthcare regulatory bodies at: Plus we would welcome your written thoughts which you can email to

Sources for this article include:

The 2001 book ‘The Tyranny of Health: doctors and the Regulations of Lifestyle’ by M. Fitzpatrick

Quote of the Week

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.”

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