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CHA Weekly Newsletter – February 17th, 2024

Executive Director’s Message

This week I have been a bit conflicted.

On the one hand I am elated at the Wins of the Week (see the shortlist below) and the remarkable progress that we seem to be making as we really do start pushing back the darkness.

On the other, I am concerned about the enormity of the challenges we are facing and how we can unite to overcome them and actually start to build a better, human-centric world out of the ashes of this old exploitive one.

Consequently, I have been spending time with the Society of Problem Solvers again (whom I have mentioned a couple of times before) to see how we can leverage some lateral thinking to find the best way forward. As detailed in a couple of the articles that follow, I think there are in fact solutions we can find. Often they are the simple, common sense things that we aren’t immediately drawn to because of our love for complexity which somehow we think is necessary for complex problems. That is not always the case.

In fact simple ethics and morals are often the best starting point to defuse many of our societal challenges which are more often than not heightened by exploitation and greed.

In the second book of Peter in Chapter 1, it talks about this and says that all we need is the following: moral virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly love, and charity, and that “…if you do these things ye shall never fall.”

Now, these seven characteristics are not radical, intrusive, exploitive, or even particularly difficult for us to live by. Neither are they exclusively ‘Christian.’ They are just morally and ethically the right thing to do for anyone committed to the concept of ‘serving others’ as opposed to ‘serving self.’

If we are to build a better world it stands to reason that this should be based on a solid foundation of morals, ethics, empathy, and the basic spirit of community service.

I believe if we each take this to heart and live by these seven principles, very quickly we will start to see positive changes in our lives, and in the lives of our families, friends, and those of our broader communities. And so this will spread bringing real change to the world…

Sure, it sounds a bit utopian, but it isn’t that hard to do, and really, what have we got to lose that isn’t already on the line anyway?

Alan Brough

CHA Executive Director –

Wins of the Week

We have some very significant Wins of the Week this week. Each of the eight we have shortlisted below will likely have significant and long term ramifications as the official narrative starts to collapse under the weight of emerging evidence…

  1. After the ruling that the use of the Emergencies Act was unconstitutional, Vincent Gircys, Eddie Cornell, and 18 other plaintiffs have launched a massive legal claim. The defendants are named as Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, David Lametti, Dominic LeBlanc, Bill Blare, Marco Mendicino, the RCMP, various other cabinet ministers, the banks and credit unions that seized bank accounts, along with more than 28 others.
  2. The main organizers of the Freedom Convoy have also launched a class action lawsuit against the federal government on the two-year anniversary of the Emergencies Act being invoked, claiming that Ottawa violated their Charter rights when invoking the act to end the peaceful protest. Tamara Lich stated: “Our goal was, has always been, and will continue to be, holding our federal government agencies and our institutions accountable for breaching the Charter Rights & Freedoms of Canadian Citizens,” When reporting on this The Counter Signal stated: “Tamara Lich and her fellow freedom fighters aren’t just suing for damages; they’re fighting for every Canadian’s right to stand up to government overreach. It’s a massive class-action lawsuit, with twenty plaintiffs fired up and ready, targeting not just Trudeau and Freeland, but the whole apparatus that supported this crackdown. This isn’t just a lawsuit; it’s a declaration of war against those who trampled our freedoms.”
  3. BC Nurse, Corinne Mori, who refused to take the Covid vaccine, has exposed that significant funds were given to the BC nurse’s union from the provincial NDP government. She claims the NDP paid $850 million to the BC Nurses Union with the goal of securing their unconditional support for vaccine mandates. Although this is currently being squashed by the mainstream media, who all took similar payouts, it could become a major scandal.
  4. Surprisingly, CTV News reports that Ontario Hospital staffing shortages could be due to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Unions representing Ontario hospital workers warn that the province’s staffing crisis is at its breaking point. According to a report from the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario, Ontario will be short 33,000 nurses and PSWs by 2028 and must spend over $21 billion more to meet its expansion targets. Maybe they shouldn’t have fired so many good nurses in the first place!!
  5. For a long time now we at Canada Health Alliance have been worried about the consequence of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines not being taken into account with the screening of donated blood and plasma. The concern is whether there is an impact of vaccine ingredients and a high load of spike protein being transmitted with transfusions from vaccinated donors. Safe Blood, an international organization based out of Switzerland has taken the lead in lobbying for donated blood to be screened for mRNA vaccines, and over time they have made very good headway. Now a Wyoming Legislator, Sarah Penn, is proposing a bill that would require all blood donated from someone who has been injected with the Covid-19 vaccine to be labeled so blood recipients can choose what blood they want to receive. Hopefully, as more research comes to light about these unknown risks Canadian Blood Services will also start similar screening.
  6. Also in the US, The EPA’s final witness in the fluoride neurotoxicity trial conceded that Fluoride does actually cause harm. A risk assessor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency admitted fluoride is neurotoxic at relatively low levels and conceded flaws in his own study as the landmark fluoride trial drew to a close. Two hundred million Americans are exposed to fluoride without informed consent. To read all the details go to:
  7. Earlier this week in the UK, ICAN (the Informed Consent Action Network) obtained exclusive confidential Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs) from Britain’s FDA equivalent that shed light on numerous safety concerns around AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. While much of the US’s attention has been on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, this legal win for ICAN will expose the truth behind the blood clotting concern with AstraZeneca and the extent of the risk. To date 2.4 billion doses of the questionable drug have been administered worldwide, mostly in Europe. We look forward to the public release of this information and what is hidden in these thousands and thousands of pages of previously hidden data.
  8. The above victory for ICAN in Britain follows on the heels of another win for them in the US in January when, in response to another lawsuit, a federal judge ordered the release of all 7.8 million “free text” entries collected by V-safe. This is a huge win for vaccine safety transparency in North America and will pile massive pressure on the CDC and the Federal government to admit and account for both their mandates and the cover-up of this critical data.

If you have any personal, local, or national wins that you think we should share and celebrate, please email then to me at

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Problem-Solving Improves Our Mental Health and Our Happiness

We all know that we, and humanity as a whole, are facing some pretty daunting challenges at the moment. The scale of the assault and the supposed ‘power and influence’ of the dark forces we face can often feel overwhelming.

Yet, as ‘The Society of Problem Solvers points out, there are a couple of ‘problem-solving’ principles or theories that seem to underline our entire world. They are:

  • Problems are everywhere.
  • All problems that do not defy the laws of physics are solvable.
  • Humans solve problems better in groups, especially high-trust groups with good systems.
  • Also, there is a great deal of evidence confirming the fact that solving problems, especially big overwhelming ones, leads to happiness and contentment. The lesson is that by applying ourselves to solving problems we actually improve our mental health!

Let me digress with a personal story to illustrate this point. Quite a few years ago we were in Mozambique on the east coast of Africa. This was before the time of accurate online weather forecasting (at least in that part of the world) and we were deep along the remote coastline without any cellular access. There, we got caught up in the tail end of a passing tropical hurricane.

All ‘norms’ quickly unraveled and we ended up having to deal with a raging river, a sinking ferry, gun-totting locals, exotic wildlife, and hours in an unchartered marshland. But we got through it all and afterwards, we felt alive with a whole new appreciation of our ability to survive.  It felt good.

And generally, it feels good to have experienced an extreme challenge and to hone our own resilience, fortitude, and problem-solving skills. Our ancestors used to do it all the time and consequently, there was little they feared. Now in our convenient, ‘ultra-safe,’ bubble-wrapped world, we have allowed ourselves to become dependent and therefore afraid of almost everything.

Think about it. Most major accomplishments are usually from moments that come from solving difficult problems. Either that or demonstrating courage (such as staring down a hurricane!). Sometimes simply being brave is solving a problem – the problem of overcoming fear. Winning titles, making money, overcoming illness, losing weight, learning a new jiu-jitsu move, winning in a video game, fixing a family conflict, finding the perfect partner, raising a child right, improving in anything… All examples of solving problems, and all-cause for happiness.

So shouldn’t we all want to be better problem solvers? If for no other reason than to bring ourselves and those around us more happiness and better psychological health?

According to The Society of Problem Solvers, this feeling is amplifiable. They say, “Humans solve problems better in groups. In fact, solving problems in high-trust groups might be the highest form of humanity. This is why people on teams, or in platoons, or on missions together always seems to report joy, despite often difficult and gruelling conditions.

When we solve problems in groups – we solve problems for each other as well as for ourselves. Have you ever been part of a high trust group or team all working for the same cause and experienced this feeling?”

Lastly, the idea that ‘all problems that do not defy the laws of physics are soluble’ is the Principle of Optimism, as determined by renowned Oxford Physicist David Deutsch (who is also well worth reading up on).

However, for us, here in mid-February 2024, we are heading into the eye of the storm.

There are raging dark clouds swirling all around us and the click-bait mainstream media headlines are screaming death, doom, and gloom. It is certainly a time for both courage and clear-headed problem-solving.

With resolve and a good dose of courage and a clear-headed problem we will get through this, and we will come out of it stronger, more self-confident, and with a greater appreciation for life, love, and happiness.

It is actually an opportunity and an evolutionary step that we should embrace for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Alan Brough

I would like to thank The Society of Problem Solvers for much of this article and would recommend that you consider subscribing to them at

Sources for this article:

Quote of the Week

“The time will come when people will not listen to the truth.

They will look for teachers who will tell them only what they want to hear.

They will not listen to the truth.

Instead, they will listen to stories made up by men..”  

The second book of Timothy Chapter 4, verse 3

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So How Should We Prepare For The Next Pandemic…?

There is currently lots of hype about Disease X and the World Health Organization is readying themselves for the next ‘big one,’ and all the nasty impositions they can inflict upon us ‘for our own good.’

Based on the disastrous consequences of the last round of mandates and lockdowns this is obviously not about protecting public health and is much more about subjugating and enslaving the global population.

And that issue of protecting public health is really the determining factor as to how we could and should respond to an actual pandemic. It is the old case of ‘follow the money.’ The Covid ‘pandemic’ was not a public health threat. Instead, it was a massive money making power grab, which is why there was no regard for the negative impact of the mandates. That was just collateral damage which we paid for.

However, we are now in 2024, and what happened during the Covid pandemic happened, and is now a historic fact for us to learn from.

However, at Canada Health Alliance we are actually concerned about protecting and improving public health. Hence we believe it is our duty to learn from the mistakes (mistakes?) of Covid and develop plans and proposals as to how we could better deal with an actual pandemic in the future, assuming there is one that actually does threaten global public health.

To start this discussion we look once again to the think tanks of The Society of Problem Solvers. Their recommended steps to deal with the outbreak of the dreaded disease X are as follows:

  • Break up medical staff all over the world into human ‘swarms’ of collaborative high-trust teams. Each hospital, city, town, state, and country should have their own swarm. Here people would monitor the disease, share experiences with it, run open think tanks and idea labs, share conjectures on how to beat the disease, and problem-solve together on 100% transparent systems where everyone could compare notes and evidence to see what is and what isn’t working. In other words, all participants would be on a quest together to see if we could find explanatory knowledge to help us solve the problem at hand from the bottom up, as both a global decentralized swarm and as many smaller individual swarms as possible. The local teams would be encouraged to take into account their highly local (and therefore unique) situations, conditions, and environments. This will avoid the immediate pitfalls of blind centralized decision-making.
  • Divide populations into three groups. 1) The most vulnerable 2) The average person 3) Those who already beat the disease and have immunity. People in category number one should be offered (on their own free will) extra protection. People in category number 3 should put themselves in higher-risk places in society that need the most help since they are the least vulnerable. Again, all volunteer based on their own free will, but are encouraged and highly praised and honoured for those that do so.
  • Early treatment. Once we established a few good conjectures on how to treat ‘Disease X’, we would use metrics and outcomes to guide us. Since this disease is supposedly twenty times more deadly than Covid-19 (yes, and as covered in last week’s CHA newsletter, we know that figure is pure dramatic fiction!), we would see with much more certainty and clarity if therapeutics, nutrition, vitamins, and treatments were working well. It would be hard for corrupt centralized entities to skew data here to the point of hiding successes or corrupting medical studies (like what happened with hydroxychloroquine at the Lancet, or what happened with Ivermectin during Covid). Some of the therapeutics that worked for Covid might be a great place to start since in vitro — and now with many more studies out — we can see that single-strand RNA viruses are indeed slowed in replication using the right treatments. The goal here of course is to prevent severe illness and hospitalizations.
  • We would run daily and weekly swarming sessions to make worldwide conjectures on what new treatments and solutions to try. We would offer our solutions up to criticism, and we would do our best to constantly improve all metrics and outcomes. By using a Human Swarm Intelligence system, we would have the ability to ask the entire medical community a question and get one creative and interesting answer (or several, ranked) from the entire world in a matter of minutes. This extreme agility would save millions of lives.
  • The use of multiple modalities: A multi-faceted approach to treatments, including the use of medications, supplements, lifestyle interventions, and supportive care to address the various aspects of the disease and support overall health as new knowledge was created by the swarms, and tested.
  • Public health measures: We would use information from the decentralized swarms to make recommendations to society on how to mitigate. All public health would be recommendations, and there would be no mandates. If you trust an entity, then follow its recommendation, including the swarms.
  • Decentralized data collection on the disease that does not pass through the hands of gatekeepers, or other centralized and corrupted entities such as big government, big pharma, or big businesses.
  • This last one might be just theoretical at the moment, but instead of gain-of-function, we use genetics to create “reduction-of-function,” with the goal of making the pathogen less deadly but still able to immunize you against the original strain. Then people can have the option of purposely infecting themselves with much safer strains.

These eight steps seem both logical and, when compared to the disaster of Covid and the mindless lockstep mandates that were imposed, quite refreshingly revolutionary!

Let us know what you think, and in the meantime, you can read the whole dissertation by The Society of Problem Solvers (who we love) at:

The Slaughter of The Aged

In 2020 we all watched in horror as mainstream media reported the decimation of the elderly within nursing homes across Canada and the United States with reports of mass deaths. While there were many unnecessary and tragic deaths at the start of the Covid pandemic, now it seems that much of this was sensationalized. The reason was to spread fear (and compliance) and perpetuate the lie that we all had to wear a mask, isolate, and social distance to ‘save grandma.’

Deep down we all know that this simply wasn’t true. But without any reliable data and the shut-down of any contrary points of view, it was nothing more than a strong suspicion.

Now, thanks to the tireless research and advocacy of Karen Kingston, the truth is finally beginning to emerge. Karen is a med-legal advisor and biotech analyst with more than 25 years of experience. She is internationally recognized as being a leading expert on the harmful biological effects caused by mRNA technology.

According to official US census data that she has been investigating, 2021 saw the greatest loss of elderly adults in the history of America. That is 2021, NOT 2020 when we were told of all the nursing home deaths!

According to the census, at the height of COVID in 2020, the elderly population in the United States over the age of 85 actually grew to 6.7 million. Then, immediately after the rollout of the mRNA Covid vaccines at the beginning of 2021, they were absolutely devastated by the loss of more than 1 million lives.

According to Karen, “It turns out that the claim that the elderly, aged 85 and older, were at extremely high-risk for death (i.e. 50% case fatality rate) from Covid-19 was a giant lie. According to the 2020 US Census Data, the population of 85 and older grew to a record high of nearly 6.7 million by the end of 2020. This means that “during the height of the pandemic” the elderly population not only was NOT negatively impacted by COVID-19, but they grew to their highest numbers ever in the history of America. Prior to the mRNA vaccine rollout, Americans over the age of 85 were thriving.

Immediately after the December 11, 2020, FDA authorization of Pfizer’s mRNA nanoparticle injections, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines were deployed to nursing homes and seniors communities across the country. By the end of 2021, more than 95% of this elderly group was both fully vaccinated and completely devastated losing a record number of more than one million lives.

In 2021, the population of these elderly Americans dropped by more than 1 million lives to below 6 million. This was the first decrease in the net number of persons in this population in over a decade and the greatest loss of elderly Americans in the history of America.

If the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines had not been unleashed on the elderly, the 85 and older population was forecasted to grow above 7 million by the end of 2021. The 2021 Covid-19 mRNA vaccine rollout was nothing short of senicide.”

We are seeing the start of many class action lawsuits as evidence of criminal negligence, massive fraud, and financial exploitation on a grand global scale continue to come to light every day. We look forward to a consortium of angry, grieving family members coming together to get compensation for the pain, suffering, and untimely death of their elderly loved ones, each of whom was bullied into taking the jabs, without informed consent, and then left to face the consequences.

To read Karen Kingston’s full substack post on this shocking story and see all her supporting data, graphs etc, go to : We would also suggest subscribing to her substack at

And Now For Some Music Video’s To Make You Feel Good

As we are on the second anniversary of the Truckers Convoy to Ottawa and the fateful assault on our Freedom, here are a couple of ‘feel good’ music videos to remember what happened.

The first, ‘Stand My Ground’, has become somewhat of an anthem for the whole Trucker Convoy which you can watch at: The second is a song Taal wrote for the truckers called “Peaceful Revolution” which he posted while they were still in Ottawa back in 2022. It can be watched at:

Documentary of the Week

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

Directed by James Lane

We have heard a great deal about the power of modern mind control and how it has been used to influence public perception over the last few years. This extreme influence, leveraged mainly by television was so powerful that it was able to convince otherwise sane and sensible people to line up for an unknown and untested experimental ‘treatment’ which was clearly questionable.

As Jason Christoff famously said at the time, “The craziest behaviour I’ve seen so far is people injecting poison into themselves in order to keep a job they don’t like, so they can keep living a life that doesn’t make them happy…”

Yet 80% of the population didn’t see or rationalize it. They just let themselves be influenced to the point that they thought poisoning themselves was a good idea, and that it was their own decision. It clearly wasn’t!

This revealing documentary, ‘State of Mind: The Psychology of Control’ that was produced back in 2013 reveals that much of what we believe to be truth has been deception, implanted into our consciousness by dark forces with their own agenda, which has nothing to do with our health, wellbeing, or any other benefit. It is all about control and influence, and the more we can become aware of it and the techniques they have used against us, the more we can fortify ourselves against it.

You can watch this astonishing one hour and forty-minute film on Tubi at:

Book of the Week

210° Celsius
16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul

by  Barry W. Bussey

This week was the second anniversary of the invoking of the Emergencies (War Measures) Act against the peaceful Trucker Convoy demonstrators in Ottawa. To commemorate this pivotal moment in our national history, our Book of the Week this week is Barry Bussey’s remarkable ‘210° Celsius’ which has just been published.

This book chronicles what happened from late January to mid-February 2022, when the eyes of Canada—and indeed, the world—were on Ottawa as the Trucker Freedom Convoy converged from all parts of the nation. They were there to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that enough was enough, and they were not going to give in to his politicized mandate that required all cross-border truckers to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Their journey caught the imagination of a nation tired of lockdowns, mandates, and government overreach. Hailed by many as heroes, and by the government and government-sponsored media as “terrorists” and a “fringe minority with unacceptable views,” the truckers took a historic stand for freedom on Canadian soil.

In 210° Celsius: 16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul, lawyer Barry W. Bussey chronicles the events of the protest, including the invocation of the Emergencies Act, and highlights the impact the convoy had on Canadians’ perception of government, the judiciary, and personal freedom. Replete with eyewitness testimonies from the streets of the capital and the sworn testimony given at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), this thoughtful, well-researched presentation calls on Canadians to reflect on this peaceful protest and the government’s response to COVID-19. The peaceful protest stands as a beacon of how Canadians can stand up to government excess and force changes to government policy.

Wherever readers stand on these issues, 210° Celsius: 16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul will stimulate conversation and inspire us all to consider what it means to be a Canadian and what role government should play in our lives.

This book is available on or can be purchased directly from Barry’s publisher Friesen Press at:

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  • Where excess estrogens are most likely coming from
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ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Allison Smith, ND, completed her education at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She has worked in private practice focusing on primary care, women’s health, and dermatologic laser therapy. Over the last 10 years, she has consulted with providers on thousands of cases in the context of hormone testing and brought awareness of testing to providers in clinical practice through consulting, webinars, case presentations, and articles. She now leads an esteemed lineup of clinical educators at Precision Analytical, home of the DUTCH Test

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Meetings & Events

Monday, February 19 – Food Sovereignty and Community online meeting. If you are worried about food sovereignty (and you should be!) join our first Food Sovereignty & Community meeting. Organized by BC Rising and hosted by Joshua JD Lemmens, this will be the first of our weekly online Monday meetings that will start at 12 noon PST.  To register click:

Tuesday, February 20 – Manitoba Stronger Together online meeting. Join Manitoba Stronger Together for an engaging Tuesday evening gathering! Manitoba Stronger Together understands the importance of balancing civic engagement with other responsibilities in their members’ lives to propel their mission forward and create a united front for a stronger and prosperous Manitoba. For more information visit their website at

Wednesday, February 21 – Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) – Monthly Meeting. NHPPA is thrilled to announce the introduction of regular monthly Campaign Update Zoom calls! In addition to keeping you well-informed and engaged in campaign actions, these calls will ensure ongoing opportunities for connection and collaboration. Let’s continue to inspire, educate, and empower one another as we champion Canadians’ right to natural health products. The meeting starts at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST and you can register at:

Tuesday, February 27 – Meet Chris Scott of The Whistle Stop Café in Victoria, BC. This is part of the We Unify Speaker Series and will be featuring Chris Scott as our guest speaker. Mr. Scott has been arrested, vilified, and persecuted for his peaceful resistance to Alberta’s harsh lockdowns, and will share his journey and insights with us. He is currently serving as the CEO of the Alberta Prosperity Project with a mission to educate and unite businesses, and organizations to protect their prosperity and individual freedoms. The event starts at 6.30 pm at 2736 Fernwood Road, Victoria. For more details see

Thursday, February 29 – BC Rising brings you a critical panel discussion on UNDRIP and Property Rights in Canada. Learn what UNDRIP means for your property and community. A Canadian/BC legal and practical perspective with keynote speaker Bruce Pardy, Executive Director of, a Professor of Law at Queen’s University, and a Senior Fellow of the Fraser Institute. This will include comm unity leaders from across BC and Canada for the discussion and Q & A. Register at:

Saturday, March 2 – Learning Potluck event in Vancouver organized by Heart Journey (see Join our learning pod, a potluck community event from noon to 5 pm where we will be sharing deep knowledge, vital information, community wisdom, true creative expression and of course great homemade food. Tickets from $20 to $40 which includes a FREE E-Course & E-Book. To RSVP email:

Friday, March 8 – Laura Lynn will be hosting the brilliant Dr. William Makis discussing Government Corruption & Health & Wellness Truth. Starting at 7 pm PST this will be an incredible opportunity to hear firsthand from the man who has taken on Alberta Health Services and the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons. All proceeds go to support Elisio Ibarra’s healing journey. Tickets are available at

Saturday, March 9 – Canada Wide Rallies – 1984 – Don’t Let It Happen – Canada Must Exit the UN & W.H.O. United in non-compliance against the WHO pandemic treaty, the WEF, CBDC’s digital ID, the UN and NATO. Join in so we don’t let 1984 happen! Marches are scheduled for most large cities across Canada:

Barrie, ON – Meet outside CTV at 33 Beacon Road at 3 pm.

Calgary – Meet at the Arts Commons at 8 Ave SE & McLeod Trail at 1 pm.

Edmonton – Meet outside CTV at 18520 Stony Plain Rd at 1 pm.

Ottawa – Meet at Wellington Street and Parliament Hill at 12 noon.

Saskatoon – Meet outside CBC at 100-128 Fourth Ave at 2 pm.

Terrace, BC – Meet at the Library Park, 4610 Park Ave at 1 pm.

Toronto – March starts at 1.30 pm at the BMO Fields, 170 Princess Blvd and ends in Nathan Philips Sq at about 5 pm.

Vancouver – Meet outside the CTV at 969. Robson Street at noon.

Whitehorse – Meet outside CBC at 3103 Third Ave at noon.

For more details about the nearest rally to you visit

March 9 & 10 – Two Day Live Life Force Event in Calgary For readopt Thinkers and Freedom Lovers. Are you feeling owned and manipulated by the current control structure? Are you isolated, overwhelmed, and confused about what you can do? Are you ready to quantum leap into greater clarity and purpose? If so, we invite you to join us in a step-by-step plan to fully realize your vision of freedom.  To learn more and register go to

Thursday and Friday, March 14 and 15, 2024 – Dr. Hoffe’s virtual hearing before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC disciplinary panel. Show your support for Dr. Hoffe, a true healthcare hero and long-time supporter of Canada Health Alliance, by calling the College to register your attendance before February 23. The number to call is +1-604-733-7758 or toll free within BC at 1-800-461-3008.  The link to the College website and observer policy can be found at

April 10 – 12, 2024 – Canada Strong & Free ‘Leading with Conviction’ Networking Conference in Ottawa. Venue will be the Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Dr. Ottawa. For more details and to book your tickets see:

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