A Canadian Perspective on How to Reduce Spike Protein

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Excess spike proteins originate from several different sources. These include infection with SARS Cov-1, MERS And SARS Cov-2 which is also called COVID-19. In addition, all four of the gene therapy injections from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson also include the production of spike protein. In fact, Novavax also causes spike proteins, as does long COVID and shedding. The number one concept is to reduce the amount of spike protein taken in or generated by the body. Therefore, you should not have any more injections of this spike protein Genetic therapy. Shedding occurs from both the skin and the breath.

In the first chapter of my book Solving the Brain Puzzle published in 2019, I state the number one method of detoxification is to decrease the input. Therefore, in addition to reducing the spike proteins you should reduce any other toxins which would aggravate the problem. These include fluoride, mercury, pesticides, herbicides (especially Roundup or glyphosate). Each of these challenge both the liver and our microbiome.

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