A Dangerous Inactive Ingredient

Harld R. Gielow

Consumers often have the need to check a product’s ingredients and this is especially true for those with allergies to certain substances. Such access to product information is essential for individuals to protect themselves from harm by exposure to ingredients to which they have known sensitivities. For the most part, such labeling is sufficient for those impacted; however, when the vast majority of the population has a preexisting immune response to an ingredient classi ed as biologically inert/inactive by our government, that should raise concerns. This is because an immune response or allergic reaction is a major cause of adverse medical events, some of which can be life-threatening (such as in the case of anaphylactic shock).

When this same substance is a key component of a vaccine (a potentially mandated vaccine to combat a worldwide pandemic) our concern should be commensurately raised. When the vast majority of those who have an immune response to the substance do not realize what they are allergic to and therefore cannot reasonably be expected to avoid it, we have the potential for a medical crisis within a medical crisis.

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