​Q- I would like to know how to access Ivermectin in Canada. How do doctor’s get permission to
prescribe it to treat Covid?

A- As you are likely well aware by now, we have “mountains of solid science and medical evidence showing ivermectin to be an efficacious, inexpensive and safe way out of this pandemic” (Dr. Pierre Kory). It has shown strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects in numerous controlled and observational studies, reducing COVID-19 mortality even in severe cases by up to 90% (https://c19ivermectin.com).

However in Canada the official narrative is that there is no generally accepted outpatient care. In the Directory of Doctors Prescribing Effective Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy, Canada has zero practitioners listed. Ivermectin is not recommended for COVID-19 outside of approved clinical trials (however no COVID-19-related IVM clinical trials have been authorized by Health Canada as of May 23, 2021).

In Canada doctors can only prescribe ivermectin off-label, as detailed further in the attached document. There are select few physicians in Canada who do prescribe ivermectin off-label to their patients, but they do so at risk of their license and are unable to service a wider number of patients. Add to that, even if you do find a doctor who is willing to prescribe ivermectin, you will have difficulty finding a pharmacist to fulfill your prescription as they have also been warned against filling prescriptions for ivermectin used as prevention or treatment of Covid.

One Canadian doctor interviewed here had been advocating vitamin D, C, zinc, selenium, as well as quercetin per the protocol of CIMA doctors (Canadian Integrative Medical Association). However when he began seeing patients who were really sick with Covid-19 he knew he needed to do more. His interview can be found here: https://covexit.com/the-practice-of-early-outpatient-treatment/ in this full recording of a webinar with three distinguished medical doctors from South Africa, Canada and USA on the practice of early outpatient treatment treatment for COVID-19.

In Canada the Canadian Covid Care Alliance is working to get ivermectin widely available in Canada – you can sign up for updates at their website here: https://mailchi.mp/5666d252288c/canadian-covid-care-alliance. They are aligned with the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), well known for the work they’ve done in helping ivermectin become more recognized as a reliable preventative and treatment in the USA. There is also this petition demanding early covid-19 treatments in Alberta: https://earlytreatment.ca you may wish to sign.