Amnesty, Yes-And Here is the Price

Charles Eisenstein

A recent article in The Atlantic, “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” has been making waves in the Covid dissident community.

The article, written by Brown University economics professor Emily Oster, proposes that we forgive and forget the crimes against the public perpetrated during the Covid years. Her main argument seems to be that they weren’t really crimes, they were just the result of ignorance.

… If Oster and the establishment she represents were willing to ask, “Why didn’t we know, when the information was readily available? How could we have been so blind? How did the information environment become so distorted? Where has my trust been misplaced? Who misled us and why?” then I would be inclined to forgive them … When someone asks for forgiveness, one expects they take some kind of responsibility for their mistake. Otherwise they are just excusing themselves.

Amnesty for the criminally corrupt is another matter. These are people who, moved by power, profit, or vanity, and with varying degrees of deliberateness, caused millions of unnecessary deaths and immeasurable suffering.

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