Anaphylactic Reactions to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: A Call for Further Study

Sophia Hatziantoniou et al.

The modified mRNA molecule is encased in LNPs, consisting of ionizable, auxiliary and pegylated lipids, as well as cholesterol, which is thought to contribute to the fluidity of the nanoparticle, thus increasing its ability to fuse with the plasma membranes of host cells to deliver the mRNA cargo.

… After implementation of vaccination programs, reports of anaphylactic incidents began to immerge … Thus far, PEG is suspected to be the primary culprit of the cases of severe allergic reaction to the vaccines

… Although PEG allergy cannot be ruled out, the impact of the other ingredients should not be overlooked.

… Individuals at risk of severe allergic reactions should be identified through a history of anaphylactic reactions, and hopefully in the near future, biomarkers that could identify those at risk. In the meantime, the cause(s) for such reactions to these mRNA vaccines needs to be identified and research toward this end funded.

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