Another Expert Analysis

Daniel Nagase

I remember when this paper first came out and the controversy generated from its results. It was the first cellular evidence of harms from spike proteins alone. About 7 months after being published it was retracted, and the reason given I’ve highlighted above. I think the authors knew how controversial their results would be, because they performed 9 different experiments all to show the same thing – DNA repair was directly impaired by spike proteins AND that more DNA went unrepaired when spike proteins were present. 

… Let’s do a body count! Or in the cell biology world a Protein Count!

NHEJ (DNA repair) + Spike protein = 75-80% impaired

HR (DNA repair) + Spike protein = 65-75% impaired

53BP1 (Tumor Suppressor) + Spike protein = 65-70% impaired

BRCA1 (Tumor Suppressor) + Spike protein = 70-75% impaired

So 4 different proteins, all related to Cancer, all inhibited by spike proteins. 

They did so many controls with the 6xHis on 8 different Covid viral proteins … [t]he result was the same. Spike protein impairs DNA repair.

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